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The PowerStore revolution is here

You can't know the future, but your infrastructure can be ready for it with the all-new Dell PowerStore. PowerStore’s flexible, software-driven architecture gives you consistent business results in a changing world; optimizing, protecting, and scaling workloads from core to edge to cloud.   

Design the as-a-Service experience that’s right for you.

Today’s dynamic business environment demands IT agility and flexibility. With the power of Dell Technologies behind you, you can provide the ultimate as-a-Service experience.

Dell APEX Flex on Demand is a flexible consumption model that allows organizations to pay only for the technology they need – while providing access to ready buffer capacity — with payments that adjust up or down to match actual usage.

Data protection for the multicloud era

Dell APEX Backup Services delivers radically simple data protection as-a-Service enabling your business to simplify your day-to-day by eliminating infrastructure management and ensuring all-in-one secure protection with backup, disaster recovery, and long-term retention.

Secure, scalable platform

  • 100% SaaS, no infrastructure to manage
  • Configure in minutes
  • On-demand scalability
  • Global client-side deduplication
  • End-to-end encryption
APEX Backup Services thumbnail

APEX Backup Services 

Learn data protection for SaaS apps, endpoints, and hybrid workloads

Consistent, predictable data migration regardless of modality or data type

Data is one of your organization’s most important resources and you need that data to fuel business growth, but distributed data can keep valuable insights out of reach. Our experts help efficiently move data from where it is, to where it will drive innovation.

  • Migrate your data with up to 99.5% less downtime than manual migration methods.
  • Trust in proven tools to streamline migrations and provide you a faster time to value.
  • Count on expert-delivered, dependable best practices developed over 30 years of data migration success.
Dell Data Migration Services Image
Data sheet

Dell Data Migration Services 

Learn how accelerate migrations with a consistent, predictable experience In technology refresh and beyond.

Improve technology utilization while driving greater value and efficiency back to your business with Residency Services.

Certified technologists with validated expertise and skills act as an extension of your IT staff, enabling you to realize the full value of your digital environment. Dell Residency Services meet modern IT needs from infrastructure solutions and end-user technology to business outcomes aligned to multicloud and modern workforce objectives and more.

Residency Services Drive Measurable Benefits:

  • 1-3 months saved during technology transitions
  • 25% improvement in technology performance
  • 31% improved IT staff efficiency
  • Global client-side deduplication
  • 18 less monthly incidents on average
Dell Residency Services Image
Data sheet

Dell Residency Services 

Explore how you can maximize technology value with Residency Services

Unbounded versatility

PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure empowers organizations to harness the power of software so they can embrace change and achieve consistent outcomes. It is designed to deliver flexibility, elasticity, and simplicity with predictable performance and resiliency at scale by combining compute and high-performance storage in a managed unified fabric.

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Dell PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure Image

Top 10 reasons why customers choose Dell PowerFlex software-defined infrastructure 

PowerFlex is an unbounded software-defined infrastructure platform designed to maximize IT flexibility and boost business agility.

Modern, flexible scale-out file storage

PowerScale and Isilon nodes powered by the PowerScale OneFS operating system represent a flexible scale-out NAS solution that is simple to install, manage, and scale to virtually any size.

10 Reasons why PowerScale is ideal for all your file workloads Image

10 Reasons why PowerScale is ideal for all your file workloads 

Stop managing your storage and start innovating with your data with PowerScale, the world’s most flexible and secure scale-out NAS solution.

Simple. Fast. Affordable.

Optimized for SAN/DAS, PowerVault storage delivers the performance, capacity, and operational simplicity that price-sensitive, small to medium-sized businesses demand. PowerVault ME5 supports many types of workloads including HPC, databases, VDI, safety and security, select edge use cases, PowerEdge server capacity expansion, and more. PowerVault MD expansion enclosures directly connect and seamlessly add storage capacity to multiple generations of PowerEdge servers.

Why SME customers choose Dell PowerVault ME5 storage for their high-value workloads Image

Why SME customers choose Dell PowerVault ME5 storage for their high-value workloads 

Read the top reasons why Dell PowerVault is a top choice for SME businesses. 

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