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AI-ready infrastructure with PowerEdge XE servers

PowerEdge XE servers are acceleration-optimized, purpose-built for complex compute, GenAI and AI/ML/DL, and HPC intensive workloads.

Built to accelerate your insights and unleash your AI advantage

PowerEdge XE is the first server family purpose-built for complex, emerging AI and HPC workloads that require performance. These next-generation purpose-built servers are designed to be the highest performance, insights-driven, intelligent, and always modern with absolutely no compromises.

  • Accelerate insights for delivery of AI, HPC, Modeling and Simulation operations at the speed of business
  • Simplify operations and boost AI infrastructure automation with full control and management
  • Trusted AI reduces risks and saves time with a trustworthy, high-quality solutions infrastructure
AI brochure thumbnail

AI brochure 

Discover how the Dell PowerEdge accelerated server portfolio can help you unleash your AI advantage, accelerate your insights, and boost your outcomes.

What and where is the edge?

The edge is the place where data is acted on near its creation point to generate immediate, essential value. When you can analyze and act on data at the source, you can rapidly uncover efficiencies, improve experiences, and drive your innovation priorities.

Dell’s edge solutions address those challenges by streamlining operations, generating insights where and when you need them and providing security from design to deployment, all while your edge expands and transforms.

Scalable and secure compute with bare metal as a subscription

Get compute resources for your demanding workloads with Dell APEX Compute. You can deploy on-premises or at a colocation facility of your choosing, with the support of either Dell, yourself, or a preferred partner. Only pay for what you need with a monthly subscription and easily scale as your IT requirements evolve.

  • Achieve faster business outcomes — Accelerate workload deployment and scale as you grow
  • Take control of costs — Gain predictable and centralized IT spend
  • Right size your IT — Reach your sustainability goals by only using what you need
  • Enhance cyber resiliency — Attain piece of mind with embedded trust and built-in protection
APEX compute solution brief thumbnail

APEX compute solution brief 

Deployed to your on-premises data center and edge locations, you can quickly get compute resources for your demanding workloads.

Simplified hyperconverged systems for modern and traditional workloads

Benefit from the breadth of the Dell Technologies HCI portfolio that allows for choice based on current infrastructure, operational models and desired IT outcomes.

Transform with Dell VxRail

Joint engineering between Dell and VMware leads to a curated and optimized hyperconverged experience. This deep integration combined with the simplicity of the VxRail HCI System Software enables seamless adoption of new technology and features, and provides an ideal platform across core, edge, and cloud.

  • Consistent ease of use with automated full stack lifecycle management
  • Simplify with a consistent operational model across your infrastructure landscape
  • Up to 4x storage performance with vSAN Express Storage Architecture
  • Single point of support with 97% of all cases resolved in house

PowerEdge Modular Infrastructure

Modular infrastructure (MI) solutions let you optimize your IT infrastructure for traditional, new, and emerging workloads, and provide a path to a modern, software-defined data center.

Break free from technology silos and time-consuming operational management with flexible modular solutions powered by Intel® Xeon® processors.

  • Configure the chassis with scalable modules of compute and networking fabrics
  • Easy and faster deployment with unified management capability.
  • Resilient solution that reduces total cost of ownership and maximizes lifetime value of IT investments.

From traditional applications and virtualization to cloud-native workloads, Dell has you covered.

Check out the reference guide to learn more about which servers are best for your needs.

PowerEdge modular reference guide thumbnail

PowerEdge modular reference guide 

Dell offers a range of modular solutions to meet the needs of any environment or workload.

PowerEdge Servers

PowerEdge servers provide a scalable business architecture, intelligent automation, and integrated security for your workloads from traditional applications and virtualization to cloud-native workloads.

PowerEdge end to end solutions thumbnail

PowerEdge end to end solutions 

Innovate, adapt, and grow with the latest generation of compute.

Focus on your HPC workloads, leave the rest to us

Dell APEX High Performance Computing (HPC) is sold as a subscription, fully managed as-a-Service, and deployed in your datacenter or at a colocation as a dedicated, single tenant solution. Dell provides the infrastructure and manages it through deployment, operations, monitoring, optimization, support, and decommissioning.

Solutions are based on Dell Validated Designs for life sciences and digital manufacturing with all hardware and a software layer for cluster management, container orchestration, and job scheduling.

APEX HPC service overview thumbnail

APEX HPC service overview 

Dell APEX High Performance Computing is ideal for organizations who either want to adopt high performance computing quickly and easily or who are seeking to economically scale their current high performance computing capabilities.

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