Helping you stay focused on “someday” by increasing the efficiency of “today.”

As an IT product is being sourced or deployed, its direct replacement is being conceived, designed or manufactured somewhere else in the world. Just like the rest of us, the physical and virtual technology products that form your environment have a limited amount of time together.

Let's make the most of it.

SHI can help increase cost-savings by streamlining the process through which you acquire, deploy, support and renew the IT products that perpetually keep your lights on. By allowing SHI to efficiently manage your product lifecycle, your organization can expect to implement policies and strategies that will reduce the impact of unmanaged assets, allowing your internal staff to focus on current IT initiatives.

There are four stages to the product lifecycle and our strategies address each:


Procuring the right technology sets the stage for a productive and efficient technology lifecycle. SHI offers a variety of acquisition services customized to meet our customer’s unique needs.


SHI deployment services can simplify the deployment process, and cut the time and costs associated with implementation by providing experienced staff to plan and execute any technology rollout.


The last technology lifecycle stage is not the end of SHI’s lifecycle management solution. Our recovery services set up a secure and reliable retirement and transition plan for your technology.


SHI support services ensure your technology is managed and operates as efficiently as possible by providing the resources and talent you need to maintain a secure IT environment.

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