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SHI’s Asset Recovery services help you achieve maximum ROI on your end-of-life (EOL) technology, while remaining compliant with relevant contracts, legal obligations, and environmental standards.

From hardware recycling and buyback to asset redeployment, we work with you to determine your requirements.

SHI can arrange for secure collection of devices from your premises or deliver custom packaging to end-users at home. We’ll ensure that assets are inventoried and assessed, and once booked in, provide you with up-to-the-minute visibility of where your assets are in the process. Once we’ve assessed your assets, we can then help you with end-of-lease processing, remarketing, redeployment, donation, or destruction – and provide you with detailed and consolidated reporting through our online portal.

Video Transcript: MWS: Asset Recovery Services

Today, we’re presenting Reco, powered by Mobile Resell and brought to you by SHI. SHI is one of a number of partners who have elected to be able to brand Reco and deliver a private label experience to their customers. In this particular demo, we’ll showcase the ability to use the Workspace One Intelligent Hub notifications in conjunction with a private label Reco experience.

Here, I’m logged into the recovery platform as an IT manager, and I want to create a new device return request using the recovery wizard within the platform. First, I must select the appropriate program for the request. Within the recovery wizard, I can select my preferred recovery method. I can order device return kits, I can email a printable shipping label to a device user, or I can allow the end user to select their preferred recovery method by sending them a Reco invitation, which is what we’re going to opt for today.

On this next screen, we’re putting in some basic details for our device end user, Gio, including name, email address, and the device serial number or IMEI. This step is very commonly automated by way of API or SFTP, and not only saves the IT manager time but also allows them to send custom individual Reco invitations to hundreds, if not thousands, of device users simultaneously. You’ll notice I’m also dropping a device purchase price of $100 in here, and I’ll show you why in just a second.

Once we have these fields populated, and again this can be automated by way of API, we’re going to submit that return request which then runs through the Workspace One Intelligent Hub, sending a notification directly to Gio, our end user. Because Gio is used to receiving company communications through Workspace One, the Hub notification is familiar, which adds to the legitimacy of the recovery request and encourages Gio to take action.

Reco is a web-based experience, so as soon as Gio clicks the ‘Start Device Recovery’ button within the Hub notification, they’re brought over to the SHI branded recovery platform to select their preferred device return method. In our example, Gio’s company is allowing them to purchase their device. Here is where you see that device purchase price of $100 we entered earlier. Our team of experts helps your customers decide how to price their retiring devices based on the asset type, current secondary market trends, and more.

But maybe Gio doesn’t want to purchase their company-issued device. In that case, they’d select ‘Return Device’, and now we see three different return methods Gio can choose from. Gio can order a free device return kit, print a prepaid shipping label, or choose to return their device to any UPS store across the country. In this case, Gio is going to select ‘UPS Drop Off’, which generates a retail return QR code. It’s a very consumer-simple and familiar process. If Gio is unsure where the closest UPS store is located, they can navigate to the ‘Find a UPS Store Location’ link, enter their address or zip code, and find the nearest location.

Once Gio arrives at the UPS store, they have the clerk scan the QR code and hand over their device, which will be carefully packaged and shipped to the device’s destination, whether it’s a processing facility, company headquarters, or even another end user. Back in Gio’s Hub notifications, we can see they maybe didn’t take action after they received that first notification. The recovery platform’s compliance reporting enables the IT manager to see who has or who has not taken action on their recovery request notifications, making reminders targeted rather than company-wide.

Again, acting as the IT manager in the Workspace One Intelligent Hub admin area, you can see how configurable these notifications can be. Define the target audience for a notification, customize the content or messaging for each user base, and preview the notifications. Reco prioritizes the end-user experience, making it as simple and easy as possible for end users to return their devices. This focus on the digital workplace experience helps you recover any device from anywhere with a mobile resell and Workspace One solution, brought to you by SHI.

SHI’s Asset Recovery services give you peace of mind.

Leveraging our vast network of partners, each carefully vetted and matched to your needs, SHI offers a one-stop global solution for all your asset recovery and disposal needs.

When collecting devices from your office locations, we scan all devices on site before loading onto sealed vehicles to transport them to secure premises. All assets are managed through a verified chain of custody, meaning you can rest assured that all end-of-life asset recovery activities conducted with SHI are secure and in line with regulatory requirements.

Disposing of IT hardware doesn’t have to be a logistical and administrative nightmare

Dealing with end-of-life devices is never easy. It’s hard to let go when you’re worried about the data they might contain, and the environmental responsibilities involved in disposing of toxic materials, rare metals and items that have involved a considerable investment on your part.

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Dedicated SHI asset recovery resources

Our dedicated in-house asset recovery team manages our network of global partners to provide a seamless service. They will work with you to document your requirements, and select the best partners based on standards, certification requirements and locations. This team will work closely with you and our partners to ensure a seamless service that is smooth, efficient, and secure at all times.

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Flexible credit for assets with value

Although capital assets may be fully depreciated – some of them long ago - and leased items no longer viable, they may still have value to others. Whether someone has a different minimum specification, is looking for parts for a business-critical system, or is after a low-cost solution for a short-term need, we’ll give you account credits or even a check for any value we realize through resale.

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Responsibility for the recycling burden

Hardware recycling is complex. IT equipment is made of a huge variety of materials – some of them potentially toxic, some of them rare and valuable. Some are easy to recycle and others harder. We’ll ensure that any equipment that can’t be reused or resold is appropriately recycled, minimizing the environmental impact of your waste. We operate a no-landfill policy for all hardware disposals.

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Trusted partner network for global support

We understand that when you have locations all over the globe, you need your disposal partner to be local. You don’t want the business risk or environmental impact of shipping equipment to a single, distant location. That’s why we’ve built a network of trusted partners around the world to ensure that you receive the same secure, environmentally responsible service regardless of location.

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Secure and flexible logistics support

There’s no need to worry about the complexities of collecting and delivering your end-of life assets. Tell us what to collect, and from where, we’ll do the rest. We’ll pack and pick up from your offices, data centers and end-users’ homes and transport it securely. With on-site serial number reconciliation, you can rest assured that all devices are where they should be, when they should be.

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Certification of responsible disposal

It’s vital to prove that your hardware has been appropriately managed at end-of-life. To comply with privacy legislation you must be able to prove that data has been securely wiped to specified standards. And you’ll also need to be able to prove that you’ve disposed of the physical hardware in an environmentally responsible way. We provide the necessary paperwork to prove compliance.

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Asset recovery for the hybrid workforce

Not long ago, asset recovery was about bulk collections from an organization’s primary location in each geography. Even home-based workers were generally asked to come into the office for a device refresh, or when they left. But that’s changed.

SHI’s ‘Box Program’ for workers in remote locations has been expanded dramatically. Whether it’s a single device at an end-user’s home, a server from an isolated datacenter or a bulk collection from a geographically remote location, we can help. Custom boxes can be provided to ensure that items are returned undamaged, while secure lockable boxes are available to ensure protection of sensitive data.

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Asset recovery simplified

With SHI, you can rely on a single team to manage all your asset recovery. We’ll find the partners, carry out the due diligence, arrange the logistics, consolidate the reporting, and even integrate the recovery activities into your deployment processes.

Refurbishing computers

Integration with your inventory

Asset recovery isn’t just about disposing of equipment. Items identified as still meeting your organizational specification will be checked, refurbished, and returned to stock so that you can continue to benefit from them while they still have life in them. Not only does this save you from buying unnecessary additional new devices, but it can help you navigate the ongoing end-user device shortage.

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Meeting environmental standards

Whether it’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), you will have sustainability goals. SHI vets all our partners to ensure that they meet the highest standards – whether you need US EPA, R2, e-stewards or ISO 14001, we can ensure your disposal activity is compliant, and certified as such. We guarantee zero landfill and provide data for waste reporting.

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Achieving regulatory compliance

Different regions, countries, and industries have different requirements when it comes to managing data destruction. All our data destruction is carried out to the latest NIST and DoD standards, and we work with our providers to make sure they respond to updates in standards. These are combined with serialized audit reporting and verified chain of custody to ensure you can meet the highest standards.

SHI is your one-stop global solution for all your asset recovery and disposal needs.

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