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Expanding access to affordable internet and networking initiatives

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The US Government’s E‑Rate program, also known as the Schools and Libraries Program of the Universal Service Fund, provides eligible K–12 schools and libraries with discounts ranging from 20–90% for broadband and qualifying equipment and services.

SHI Public Sector has been supporting education customers for over 30 years. We offer cost-effective Category 1 and 2 services and products under E‑Rate to help you achieve your specific needs and empower learning in your community.

Our dedicated E‑Rate team consists of tenured Senior E‑Rate Program Managers, OEM experts, and data center and networking professionals who guide you through the technology options available through E‑Rate. We support the application process and enable easy procurement and implementation of all equipment and services purchased with E‑Rate funding.

E‑Rate cycle

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Enterprise networking

As schools and libraries increasingly rely on technology, managing and securing their network infrastructure can be daunting. SHI can help design and implement customized networking solutions that meet your security, bandwidth, and speed requirements while minimizing costs. Our optimized configurations, keep your students, employees, and patrons connected — ensuring your network’s performance and supporting growth.

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Data center infrastructure

Upgrade your school or library's data center infrastructure with SHI's customizable, converged, and hyperconverged options — available through the E‑Rate program. Our experts will help you design and implement a data center solution that meets your institution’s unique needs and maximizes your investment, so you can experience a tailored IT environment that delivers on all fronts.

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Data‑centric security

Our solutions can help schools and libraries gain valuable insights into the location, flow, and risk of sensitive data. By making data protection a top priority in your security strategy, SHI can assist in identifying protection needs and implementing appropriate controls. With these crucial steps, you can look out for the cybersafety of your students, employees, and patrons.

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IT and software asset management

Schools and libraries face unique challenges in managing hardware and software costs, complying with regulations, and optimizing resource utilization. We can help you navigate these challenges by effectively identifying, tracking, and managing your technology assets. With our assistance, you can maximize your IT resources and provide your students and patrons with the best learning environment.

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Stay on track with SHI’s E‑Rate timeline 

Stay on top of funding, planning, bidding, and invoicing milestones with SHI’s E‑Rate timeline.

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E‑Rate makes upgrades affordable. How can SHI help you take advantage? 

SHI Public Sector’s dedicated team of E‑Rate experts are here to support you throughout the E‑Rate cycle.

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SHI Quarterly Grants Report identifies tech opportunities 

Identify the upcoming grants that will support your technology programs.

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Becoming funding actualized is easier than you might think 

Identify grant and funding opportunities to procure the technology your organization needs.

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