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Total Micro - Notebook battery

Total Micro - Notebook battery

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • lithium ion
  • 43 Wh
  • for Toshiba Satellite L45, L50, L55, L55D, L55T, P50, P55, S55
Total Micro - Notebook battery
  • lithium ion
  • 43 Wh
  • for Toshiba Satellite L45, L50, L55, L55D, L55T, P50, P55, S55
  Additional Details
Price: $84.00
MSRP: $98.00
Mfr Part #: PA5107U-1BRS-TM
SHI Part #: 40622958
Category: Lithium batteries
UNSPSC: 26111711
Manufacturer: Total Micro
Product Type: Hardware
Product Line: Total Micro Technologies
General Information
CategoryLithium batteries
DescriptionTotal Micro - Notebook battery - lithium ion - 43 Wh - for Toshiba Satellite L45, L50, L55, L55D, L55T, P50, P55, S55
ManufacturerTotal Micro
Main Specifications
General / SubcategoryBatteries
Header / BrandTotal Micro
Packaged Quantity1
Product TypeNotebook battery
Service & Support / Type1-year warranty
Capacity43 Wh
TechnologyLithium ion
Voltage Provided14.4 V
Compatibility Information
Designed ForToshiba Satellite L45-B4176WM, L45-B4182SM, L45-B4266WM, L45-B4271SM, L45-C4206S, L50-A-60, L50-B-163, L50-B-1VU, L50-B-1X4, L50-B-1XE, L50-B-1XF, L50-B-1XM, L50-B-2CV, L50-B-2FR, L50-B-2GE, L50-C011, L50-C-111, L50-C-116, L50-C-154, L50-C-156, L50-C-157, L50-C-15C, L50-C-15E, L50-C-15H, L50-C-1C8, L50-C-1JJ, L50-C-1K4, L50-C-1KE, L50-C-1KP, L50-C-1KX, L50-C-1RP, L50-C-1RW, L50-C-1RX, L50-C-1RZ, L50-C-1UP, L50-C-1VG, L50-C-1VH, L50-C-1VJ, L50-C-1VU, L50-C-1VZ, L50-C-1WE, L50-C-1X2, L50-C-1XN, L50-C-1XP, L50-C-1XQ, L50-C-1XR, L50-C-1Z7, L50-C-1Z8, L50-C-1ZG, L50-C-1ZJ, L50-C-1ZQ, L50-C-1ZT, L50-C-200, L50-C-201, L50-C-20G, L50-C-20M, L50-C-20Q, L50-C-20W, L50-C-20X, L50-C-214, L50-C-21G, L50-C-21H, L50-C-21J, L50-C-21K, L50-C-21L, L50-C-21V, L50-C-22D, L50-C-22E, L50-C-22H, L50-C-22X, L50-C-230, L50-C-23Q, L50-C-241, L50-C-242, L50-C-243, L50-C-24Q, L50-C-24T, L50-C-24U, L50-C-24W, L50-C-24X, L50-C-24Z, L50-C-250, L50-C-251, L50-C-25H, L50-C-25M, L50-C-25Q, L50-C-26L, L50-C-26M, L50-C-26N, L50-C-26P, L50-C-26Q, L50-C-26R, L50-C-26T, L50-C-26Z, L50-C-270, L50-C-275, L50-C-27N, L50-C-27P, L50-C-27Q, L50-C-27R, L50-C-27Z, L50-C-299, L50-C-29E, L50-C-29F, L50-C-29H, L50-C-29J, L50-C-29K, L50-C-29P, L50-C-29V, L50-C-29W, L50-C-2C3, L50-C-2C5, L50-C-2C6, L50-C-2C7, L50-C-2DG, L55-B5177SM, L55-B5178RM, L55-B5191SM, L55-B5192SM, L55-B5276, L55-B5338, L55-C5183, L55-C5220S, L55-C5272, L55-C5335S, L55-C5340, L55D-B5260RM, L55D-C5227X, L55D-C5318, L55T-B5188, L55T-B5382SM, L55T-C5388, P50-A-12N, P50-C-14J, P50-C-15J, P50-C-169, P50-C-16K, P50-C-16L, P50-C-16R, P50-C-179, P50-C-17C, P50-C-17D, P50-C-17F, P50-C-17J, P50-C-17U, P50-C-185, P50-C-186, P50-C-187, P50-C-188, P50-C-18C, P50-C-18D, P50-C-18E, P50-C-18F, P50-C-18G, P50-C-18J, P50-C-18K, P50-C-18L, P50-C-18M, P50-C-18N, P50-C-18P, P50-C-18Q, P50-C-19T, P50-C-1C7, P50-C-1CF, P50-C-1CW, P55-B5162, P55-B5181SM, S55-C5138, S55-C5162, S55-C5214S, S55-C5274, S55-C5360, S55-C5364
Device TypeNotebook battery
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 1 year