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BTI - Power adapter - 90 Watt

BTI - power adapter - 90 Watt

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • for Compaq Presario CQ43, CQ56; HP G62, G72; Pavilion dm4, DV3, dv5, DV6, dv7, dv8, g4, G6, G7
BTI - Power adapter - 90 Watt
  • for Compaq Presario CQ43, CQ56; HP G62, G72; Pavilion dm4, DV3, dv5, DV6, dv7, dv8, g4, G6, G7
  Additional Details
Price: $58.00
Mfr Part #: AC-19120129
SHI Part #: 24434724
Category: Power adapters or inverters
UNSPSC: 39121006
Manufacturer: Battery Technology
Product Type: Hardware
General Information
CategoryPower adapters or inverters
DescriptionBTI - Power adapter - 90 Watt - for Compaq Presario CQ43, CQ56; HP G62, G72; Pavilion dm4, DV3, dv5, DV6, dv7, dv8, g4, G6, G7
ManufacturerBattery Technology
Main Specifications
General / SubcategoryPower adapters
Header / BrandBTI
Packaged Quantity1
Power Device / Form FactorExternal
Product TypePower adapter
Service & Support / Type2-year warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed ForHP Pavilion dv6-1007tx, dv6-1203ax, dv6-1246eo, dv6-2003so, dv6-2060so, dv6-2110ax, dv6-3006ax, dv6-3011ax, dv6-3013ax, dv6-3048sa, dv6-3050eb, dv6-3053he, dv6-3073tx, dv6-3074tx, dv6-3075tx, dv6-3078tx, dv6-3079tx, dv6-3137s, dv6-3156ef, dv6-3232nr, dv6-3240us, dv6-6138sg, dv6-6148sf, dv6-6157sf, dv6-6160sf, dv6-6175sf, dv6-6182eg, dv6-6186nr, dv6-6192sf, dv6-6b00tu, dv6-6b20tx, dv6-6b31eo, dv6-6b48nr, dv6-6c02ax, dv6-6c05ax, dv6-6c20x, dv6-6c35tx, dv6-6c36tx, dv6-6c38tx, dv6-6c39tx, dv6-6c40ca, dv6-6c47cl, dv6-6c47tx, dv6-6c50ca, dv6-6c52sf, dv6-6c62ef, dv6-7115nr, dv7-3004tx, dv7-3007tx, dv7-3008tx, dv7-4034tx, dv7-4035tx, dv7-4036tx, dv7-6108tx, dv7-6178us, dv7-6b99sf, dv7-6c02ss, dv7-6c09tx, dv7-6c10tx, dv7-6c47cl, dv7-6c50ca, dv7-6c64nr, g4-1080la, g4-1105tx, g4-1106tx, g4-1311nr, g4-2304la, g4-2320dx, g4-2368la, g6-1c36he, g6-1c79nr, g6-1c87nr, g6-1d16dx, g6-1d21dx, g6-1d73us, g6-1d93ca, g6-2123us, g6-2151ea, g6-2164sh, g6-2200sh, g6-2200sm, g6-2203sf, g6-2204sa, g6-2208eo, g6-2209sl, g6-2210em, g6-2216sl, g6-2220ea, g6-2220sa, g6-2220sl, g6-2221es, g6-2222ea, g6-2222sa, g6-2223ea, g6-2223sa, g6-2224ea, g6-2224sa, g6-2225nr, g6-2226sa, g6-2228sa, g6-2229sa, g6-2230em, g6-2230sh, g6-2235sa, g6-2237nr, g6-2237sa, g6-2238sa, g6-2239ea, g6-2239sl, g6-2240sh, g6-2249sa, g6-2249wm, g6-2250sg, g6-2253ea, g6-2255sa, g6-2257sa, g6-2259sa, g6-2260he, g6-2260sh, g6-2265sa, g6-2267sa, g6-2282sa, g6-2284sa, g6-2285sa, g6-2287sa, g6-2288sa, g6-2296sa, g6-2297eg, g6-2297sa, g7-1210eb, g7-1246sf, g7-1302es, g7-1303ss, g7-1304eo, g7-1304ss, g7-1312nr, g7-1330ca, g7-1330eb, g7-1345ed, g7-1351eo, g7-2023cl, g7-2201eo, g7-2201so, g7-2202so, g7-2204so, g7-2205ss, g7-2206sg, g7-2220sb, G7-2233CL, g7-2235dx, g7-2240sp, g7-2244sf, g7-2246sg, g7-2250sh, g7-2251dx, g7-2251sg, g7-2252so, g7-2253eo, g7-2253ss, g7-2254sg, g7-2259nr, g7-2269wm, g7-2272ed, g7-2277sa, g7-2282eg, g7-2293nr, g7-2295eg, G7-2296nr, g7-2297nr, g7-2298nr
Device TypePower adapter - external
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 2 years
Power Device
Output Voltage19 V
Power Capacity90 Watt