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Enterprise security for growing distributed organizations

SHI can design and implement Cisco security solutions with flexibility that scales with your growth, without compromising performance or user experience.

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The technology landscape is expanding at a rapid rate, and along with that, the cybersecurity risk organizations face is expanding too. Distributed enterprises, with hybrid-everything infrastructure need flexible security architecture to match.

SHI is the right choice as your Cisco - and all around - security provider. While there are many Cisco solution providers, SHI combines the software licensing expertise you’ve come to expect with deep security technical expertise. You benefit from a full range of services that support the design, deployment, support and management of enterprise security solutions. Our approach allows us to adapt and scale as your needs evolve.


SASE: Security architecture for the distributed enterprise 

This eBook discusses how employing a SASE architecture with Cisco solutions protects growing organizations.

October 18, 2021

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Framework

Hybrid everything describes the tech landscape of many organizations today. Applications are everywhere – legacy residing on-premises, multiple public clouds, and SaaS-based. Users are everywhere, many with multiple devices with unique access processes. How can you maintain your cybersecurity and protect all your digital assets? A SASE framework converges elements of networking with cloud-based security solutions for protection that can leverage your existing infrastructure and grow as you need to.

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Secure and intelligent networking

With SD-WAN, you can take an application-centric approach and mitigate security risks across the network – from data center and public clouds to the edge and remote workers. Cisco SD-WAN simplifies network and security management through integration with additional cloud-based security solutions. Increase your application performance across the network with dynamic path selection, automatically rerouting network traffic to avoid trouble spots.

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Zero Trust Network Access

The principal behind zero trust is that all network traffic is considered untrusted and any request for network access must be vetted before access is granted. SASE builds upon and requires a zero-trust approach to network security. Practical application of zero trust access means the network must evaluate and make access decisions based on many factors beginning with user identity verified by multi-factor authentication and established device trust.

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Comprehensive Cloud Security

According to Cisco, by the end of 2025, 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside a traditional data center. Scaling an organization’s security to protect this complex distributed environment can be more easily achieved through the deployment of cloud security services. SHI can help reduce your organizations threat surface and reduce your risk by configuration and deployment of cloud security services in Cisco Umbrella.

Cisco Umbrella

Scalable cloud-based security with Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella brings simplicity and scalability to your SASE framework. It can also be a cost-effective solution by leveraging your existing infrastructure and security tools. SHI’s Cisco security team can deliver a customized demo and show how Umbrella offers protection for multiple sites, remote and hybrid users, and even multiple HQs. The goal of this demo is to show how Umbrella functions in your unique environment.

Seeing is believing. Request a Cisco Umbrella Demo  

SHI is the right choice for Cisco security solutions

Choosing SHI as your cybersecurity partner is a smart and strategic move. Our proven expertise in helping our customers secure their environments is demonstrated through our Cisco specializations.

Advanced Security Architecture

Advanced Security Architecture

Hybrid infrastructure that supports a growing organization requires scalable cybersecurity architecture that aligns to your business. SHI’s Advanced Security Architecture specialization means we have the expertise required to design and deploy complex security solutions that meet your business needs.

Lifecycle Advisor Cisco Security

Lifecycle Advisor Cisco Security

As a Cisco Lifecycle Advisor for security, SHI takes a proactive customer focus to ensure that you adopt your security solutions. Our focus means we continuously help you plan, implement and consume your technology. We work with you so if your needs change, we respond with the right security solutions.

Security Choice Specialization

Security Choice Specialization

SHI is committed to customer success. That means helping you acquire Cisco security solutions the right way with a Cisco Enterprise Agreement. Our EA security specialization ensures that you only buy the Cisco security solutions you need, deploy them quickly, with all the payment flexibility you require.

Contact SHI today to see how SHI + Cisco can protect your hybrid environment.

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