Electronic Data Interchange

When it comes to e-procurement, one size doesn’t fit all.
Discover the benefits of an automated, made-to-order
system that fits just right.

E-procurement is a good thing. E-procurement highly customized for your organization is a great thing. From catalog management to sending invoices, we electronically integrate with your procurement system to save you time and money, all while improving your e-procurement process.

SHI’s Electronic Data Interchange helps you:

Boost Productivity

Eliminate inefficient and error-prone manual processes

Save Time

Decrease document turnaround time with automation

Reduce Costs

Reduce OpEx related to a traditional procurement cycle

Improve Asset Management

Optimize business processes with acknowledgment and shipping notifications

Strengthen Security

Protect transactions with secure and encrypted channels

Protect the Environment

Eliminate paper and printing supplies

Supported Platforms and Technologies:

Direct Connections Third Party Partners SaaS Platforms
EDI Ariba ServiceNow
cXML Coupa Workday
SOAP Oracle Salesforce
HTTP Birch Street Remedy
JSON Transcepta  

Don’t see something? Just ask!

We are committed to helping you integrate with all existing and new e-procurement platforms.

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