Long-tail Vendor Licensing and Contracting

Since most organizations focus their procurement, vendor management and ITAM efforts on their big-ticket items – contracts with the mega-vendors, SHI offers a dedicated team of skilled contracts and vendor management experts to help negotiate, optimize and manage the contracts for your ‘long-tail’ vendors; that is, all the other software (or SaaS) installed and used across your organization in lower numbers.


SHI has knowledge of the niche, industry-specific and alternative products critical to your business and the time and resources to dedicate to ensuring you get the right contract terms and conditions at the right price for all those smaller transactions.

With customer relationships dating back 30 years, SHI’s licensing experts do this day in and day out.

Our procurement and vendor management services provide visibility into your contracts, helping you identify and fix potential issues.

Contract Reviewing

Contract Review

Whether it’s for new purchases or you’re looking to optimize the terms of a renewal contract, our experts will help you create a more detailed agreement with preferred contract language.

Our risk reduction solutions address contract clauses that are of most concern to our customers, including:

  • Indemnification
  • Confidentiality obligations
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Audit rights
  • Auto-renewal terms

Negotiation Support

We know that contract negotiations take time and delays extend the time it takes for your organization to acquire and implement the technology solutions it needs.

To this end, our procurement experts help you:

  • Prepare for the unexpected with proactive risk management strategies
  • Reduce contractual complexity and supplier volume by ensuring a minimum level of terms and conditions are applied to each software purchase
  • Free up internal procurement and contract resources to focus on strategic supplier contract negotiations

Benefits of letting SHI do the heavy lifting:

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Decreased Risk

By understanding the terms of each of your purchases, you reduce the risk of non-compliance issues.

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Increased Productivity

Leaving time-consuming tasks such as reviewing and decoding the fine print to our team allows you to focus on higher value projects.

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Best Possible Terms

SHI’s extensive experience in software contracting means we can share best-practices with you across various customer sizes and industries, ensuring you get as close as possible to your preferred contract positions.

What can you expect from SHI?

  • A skilled team of experts on hand supporting your ‘long-tail’ niche or smaller vendors, assessing your requirements, and making recommendations based on your organizational needs.
  • Support through true-ups and renewals and advice on rightsizing your maintenance and support options.

From your servers to your applications, we make sure you’re getting the right products, under the right agreement, at the right price.

So, if lack of time, resources or even knowledge are keeping you from actively managing all those smaller contracts, you could be missing out on significant opportunities to optimize those contracts and deliver better services to your end users.

Contract Signing
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