IT Security

Get help understanding what your organization’s security position was this morning, is right now, and needs to be after lunch.

Preventing against viruses, intrusions and data loss is a round-the-clock battle. Responding to a breach that happened six months ago can be even harder. SHI’s security professionals help you address your security framework through the meticulous process of strategy, design and technology evaluation.



Our team of security architects and engineers help you create a plan that defines your existing IT environment and aligns business requirements and lifecycle constraints required to achieve success.



Turning those security plans into a scalable and dynamic reality requires collecting detailed information and prioritizing needs. SHI’s security experts will work with you to define a solution and create architecture that will work using current and future infrastructure. We also offer a breadth of assessments to validate use cases and requirements, including:

Vulnerability Assessment: Existing internal and external perimeters are reviewed to identify any rogue points of entry.

Security Posture Review (SPR): We examine your security controls and processes from a holistic viewpoint to identify possible areas of improvement.

HIPAA Security Assessment: Helps you stay in compliance by identifying your current alignment with the latest HIPAA requirements.

Penetration Testing: We simulate an attack on your system in order to determine where threats could sneak in and how to prevent them.

Social Engineering: Tests your staff through a variety of social engineering activities including phishing, pre-texting and physical security evaluation.

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