Because the first step in using a roadmap is determining exactly where you stand.

Unless you support a single end-user (i.e., yourself), your organization’s IT roadmap is affected by business and IT decisions that were made in the past.

Whether it’s your volume licensing position, your cloud and data center infrastructure, or your security posture, SHI’s expert-supported Readiness Assessments help you identify that all-important spot on the map that says, “You are here.”

To assist, SHI offers the following Readiness Assessment services:


Get the answers you need to plan the perfect cloud deployment.


Data Center

Explore every angle of your data center’s efficiency and security.


End-User Computing

Discover what it takes to give your end-users a productive, manageable solution.



Gain control of your infrastructure’s security and compliance.



Not sure which of SHI’s Readiness Assessments can help you determine your spot on the map? Contact us to get the conversation started today!

Just don’t ask us to neatly fold that roadmap and get it back in the glove box … that’s impossible!