Managed Services

Because 9 to 5 doesn’t apply to your software licenses.

An efficient and compliant software deployment isn’t a one-time scenario, it is an ongoing, 24/7 responsibility that SHI Managed Services specializes in.

Available as a three- or five-year annual subscription, our Managed Services enable you to take advantage of surplus licenses, maintain compliance and reduce costs for all major software publishers.

What You Get:


Redeploy surplus licenses for cost savings.

Dedicated ITAM Team

Our experts help you with all asset management issues.

Compliance and Audit Readiness

Our proactive, transparent approach brings your entire license environment into compliance and keeps you ahead of an audit.

Customized Reporting

We analyze and publish your software assets and entitlements and submit quarterly executive summaries and gap analyses for each publisher.

Management of Multiple Publishers

We support annual and multi-year subscriptions with industry-leading publishers, including but not limited to:

Adobe Microsoft VMware

Advantages of Managed Services

  • License Expertise
    Our seasoned licensing experts have what it takes to guide you through maintenance expirations, upgrades, product acquisitions and more.
  • Inventory Tools
    Our automated tools connect to your existing inventory management system for a seamless transition.
  • Auto-Loading
    Your software purchases are automatically loaded into SHI’s SAM system, where we publish your entitlements on a customized schedule.
  • Customized Portal
    Access SAM reports through our secure web portal. Change, sort and download your data with the push of a button.
Magnifying Glass

Behind the Scenes Tech

What makes our Managed Services come to life? Our inventory collection specialists utilize JDisc, an agentless discovery tool that seamlessly collects your data to create an at-a-glance environment overview.

  • Operational in 60 minutes
  • Discovers up to 1,500 devices per hour
  • Always up-to-date records
  • Interactive user interface
  • And more!
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