TreviPay migrates to the cloud and a new office with SHI's help

Video Transcript: TreviPay migrates to the cloud and a new office with SHI's help

So when I think of SHI, the three words that come to mind are value, response, and support.

My name is Nick Jekic. I'm the director of Enterprise infrastructure at TreviPay. And as part of that I lead several teams, our system engineering, our network engineering and our Telecom void teams.

Trevipay is a Global B2B invoicing and payments network and we connect buyers and sellers in the manufacturing, retail, and transportation industries.

I started that relationship, it was about 5 years ago, and the local account executive in Kansas City had reached out to me to kind of restart the relationship that existed previously, and so we really connected, you know, she was able to learn from us, you know, where we were on our journey with technology and what our initiatives were. We really grew the relationship from there, both for what my teams were doing, and then also some of the other parts of the organization.

So, what's different about SHI is that we really consider them to be a value partner for TreviPay. You know we work closely with Ashley Stotts and her team, and really it's not just around purchasing, right, we do a lot of that because SHI is a partner with a lot of vendors that we utilize in our technology platforms like Cisco, Dell, but also, we utilize SHI for advice. You know, if we're looking at a new technology that we really haven't looked at before, you know, we’ll leverage SHI for advice on what are the top players and fields, and be able to kind of do an initial evaluation with them before we actually do any kind of direct engagement.

We had decided, prior to Covid, to move into a new physical location for our Overlook Park Kansas campus. We had not planned on it but Covid came along, which made things a lot more complex logistically, and the biggest challenge that we had, because we actually began the moving process after March of 2020 when our offices were closed due to Covid, was the coordination with vendors and supply chain disruption. And so SHI really was instrumental and, you know, I can't give enough credit, you know, to Ashley and her team, to work with us, to work with the vendors, to help us understand what the delivery timelines would be on the infrastructure that we needed and to really stay engaged with us throughout that process and help us stay on track.

The main area of focus for me and my group was really on the technology side, there was also a facilities component that I was involved with with our facilities team, but a lot of that came down to not just the technology purchase or the implementation of the technology and the engineering, but also the logistics around things like setting up the space making sure the space is prepared and built for our needs, especially on the technology and IT infrastructure. And then also the delivery of data connectivity, right, internet services, telecommunications, which really, you know, involved working with the property management company.

You know, if we have a question about a technology that we are currently implementing, something new, a new aspect of it or something new that we're looking at, to be able to bounce that off of that local team before we do any kind further consideration and engagement.

If there was one thing that I could say to the folks at SHI, you know, I would say keep up the good work. You know, you guys have really stood out compared to other vendors from a customer support perspective, and then also from a technical expertise perspective, and it's very clear that you have your customers’ interests as a top priority.

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TreviPay is a global B2B payments and invoicing platform.


SHI helped navigate complex cloud licensing processes and coordinate with vendors to prepare a new office space.

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    SHI worked through pandemic-related delays to keep projects on track.

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    Cloud migration

    TreviPay modernized their infrastructure to improve scalability and cut costs.

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    Backup and recovery

    Dell EMC offers TreviPay the same backup experience without physical infrastructure.

    SHI helps TreviPay make big moves, including a full cloud migration and a corporate office relocation.


    TreviPay is a B2B financial technology company that works with clients in the manufacturing, retail, and transportation industries. Providing top-notch invoicing and payment services in over 30 countries demands constant innovation, so TreviPay took on multiple complex projects in an effort to modernize, ensure scalability, and reduce costs.

    The first project was a relocation of their main corporate office. This kind of move requires intense planning to ensure the necessary technology is installed and functional so that everyone can get to work and avoid downtime. Unfortunately, they finished the plan and started the move in early 2020, just as Covid began causing disruptions.

    The company had a huge task ahead of them. They faced long lead times due to supply chain disruptions and the complex logistics of working with new property managers to ensure they had the right internet and telecom infrastructure in place. On top of these challenges, Covid forced the company into a hybrid working environment, making data security and endpoint protection a major concern.

    The next project was a desire to move their resources away from on-premise and colocation data centers into the cloud, another complex project that required the right expertise. They migrated their data backup needs to Dell EMC, but they expanded it in phases over a long period of time, which created a convoluted series of subscription renewals that never seemed to end.

    They decided to bring in SHI to help rein in both projects.


    For the corporate move, SHI worked with TreviPay’s Director of Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations, Nick Jekic, to determine deliverable requirements and ensure a smooth transition into the new space. To avoid delays due to supply chain disruptions, we checked in with each vendor daily and sometimes hourly, changing orders to replace unavailable equipment with compatible substitutes.

    This also required close collaboration with Nick’s team. In his words, “It was a bit like playing whack-a-mole, and a significant challenge because each change required SHI to engage with us on a technical capability and architecture/engineering review to make sure the substitutions would work for our needs and in our environments. The SHI team’s knowledge of different components and models was critical in ensuring correct substitutions were made.”

    On the Dell EMC front, SHI worked directly with Dell and with Nick to consolidate their account into a single subscription that allowed them to renew each year on a single date.

    Then we helped them evaluate different potential solutions for their other cloud needs. They landed on VMware Cloud and AWS because they found that it would allow them to shift resources into the cloud without significant re-engineering efforts.

    To help TreviPay adjust to a new hybrid work environment, SHI performed a security posture review to analyze the current state of their network security and make recommendations for improved data and endpoint protection.


    By going above and beyond the typical procurement coordination process, SHI was instrumental in getting the proper network, server, and data storage infrastructure installed in the new office space so that TreviPay could complete the corporate move project without any disruptions.

    TreviPay has seen significant benefits from shifting their resources to the cloud. Moving away from physical data centers has resulted in cost savings and greater scalability as their new cloud solutions offer more processing and storage resources and more flexibility at a lower price. As Nick puts it, “SHI has really stood out compared to other vendors, both from a customer support and a technical expertise perspective and it’s very clear SHI has its customers’ interests as a top priority.”

    “SHI really was instrumental and I can’t give enough credit to Ashley and her team.”

    - Nick Jekic – Director, Enterprise Infrastructure and Operations


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