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Data governance and compliance

Assess, deploy, and enable strategic data governance techniques using Power BI

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The SHI data culture and governance are created with Power BI, helping you turn inactive and raw data into actionable insights.

SHI provides a world-class 6–8-week assessment on adopting data culture and governance framework. Our Microsoft Service Delivery team will evaluate your current data and reporting environment to plan your journey with Power BI.

We will help you:
  • Set goals and targets for your data and people
  • Perform a needs assessment per functional area
  • Evaluate existing data policies and identify potential blockers
  • Assess the data literacy of your organization
  • Demonstrate how Power BI can create a data-driven culture with business intelligence
  • Provide a template for data governance pre-filled with best practices and guidance

Data culture assessment

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Data culture and Governance Assessment

Data governance is a critical part of driving security and compliance within an organization. This assessment uses the features and functionality of Microsoft Power BI to meet those needs, turning raw data into actionable insights.

Upon the completion of the assessment, SHI data specialists will offer a pre-filled Data Culture and Governance template based on lessons from envisioning workshops. We'll even provide you with a pre-filled data source catalog form, data literacy evaluation report, and suggestions for your data governance and center of excellence teams. Make informed, confident business decisions by learning more about the assessment today.

Data culture assessment


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Data literacy assessment

This evaluation examines how your company views data visualization. Our assessment focuses on the frequent visual errors that deceive users and analyzes their capacity for insight extraction. To help correct any significant issues that it identifies, SHI will deploy and converts the Power BI solution, offering a tailored training and adoption strategy as well. We'll make certain that proper data visualization results in confident business choices, made possible through our valuable insights.

Data culture assessment


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Data literacy

Data Culture and Governance Deployment

Our Power BI specialists will assess your data and reporting environment during the last strategic phase. Then we can assist you in making plans for your transition towards advanced analytics. Because Power BI is necessary to put your governance and policies in place, we can help with the development of audit tools and the preparation of corporate data sources for content creation. Moreover, we can even design and construct any enterprise reports using the data culture you desire. Following the final deployment, you can modernize reporting and automation inside of Power BI, develop a strategy around your data sources for trustworthy reporting, and extract useful information from dormant data.

Data culture assessment


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