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Your cloud environment can’t afford to stand still. Whether you are assessing the cloud, looking to modernize your digital ecosystem, or transforming your existing cloud architecture – SHI can help.

As you migrate, optimize, modernize, and manage your cloud, SHI's managed and professional services will simplify, streamline, and accelerate your cloud transformation. No matter how simple or complex your environment may be, SHI's cloud-certified experts will help you accomplish your cloud goals.

Recognized as a top-tier partner for all the major cloud platforms, SHI can help you build both single and multi-cloud strategies that leverage the benefits of the available technical features and subscription schemes.

Modernize your infrastructure with SHI

In an ever-changing digital world, SHI can help you prepare for whatever comes next. Infrastructure is no longer confined within the four walls of your data center. It's on the edge and in the multi-cloud. To meet your business objectives and keep innovation a priority in today's fast-changing environment, your infrastructure needs to be resilient, agile, and sustainable.

This path to reducing your costs and enabling growth lies in investing in next generation infrastructure. SHI has the experience and expertise to guide you through the complete life cycle of all your projects and services. Modernize your infrastructure and digitalize your future with SHI's experts. Let SHI help you modernize your infrastructure.

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Multicloud solutions

Multicloud is now a reality for many organizations, helping businesses reduce costs, increase cloud resilience, enable growth, and be fully secured.As your trusted partner, we'll help you migrate, build, and optimize apps across your multicloud environments, giving you the confidence and peace of mind to tackle whatever comes next. Let's work together to make multicloud a reality, so you can innovate faster, scale smarter, and stay secure.

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Cloud optimization

Building a multi-cloud roadmap requires careful planning, new skill sets, operational maturity, and feature or service mapping and development. Our cloud platform experts will help you identify application dependencies and assess workload performance requirements, even advising you on migration costs and governance management. All of this will ensure your multi-cloud solutions work seamlessly together.

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Cloud engineering

Whether it’s a public, private, hybrid or multicloud landscape, SHI’s certified cloud engineers can design a secure migration and adoption plan to cost-effectively move your IT infrastructure and data center to the public cloud. This includes maintaining app availability, migrating your complex overloads, providing support for multicloud environments, ensuring data integrity, and reducing or eliminating downtime with automation.

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Managed services

With SHI’s expert services, you can manage your cloud operations and optimize cloud costs based on FinOps principles. We enable you to align resources with all your business and IT goals. Learn to optimize your cloud consumption, increase agility, and incorporate new levels of automation into your business—all while reducing operational expenditures and time to market for new services and applications.

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Application modernization

Modernizing legacy applications safeguards investments and optimizes resources. Our app modernization strategy reduces resource utilization, updates software components, increases deployment frequency and reliability, enhances uptime and resiliency, and facilitates cloud migration through simple containerization techniques. All of this will ultimately transform your IT ecosystem based on current market trends.

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