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With more devices, platforms, and locations to manage than ever, the demands on IT teams are at an all-time high. To achieve sustainable success in the hybrid workplace, your organization must prioritize user experiences and modern management tools.

Manual processes, hands-on support, and multivendor technology integration all take time. Meanwhile, insecure data handling, ineffective asset management, and supporting a dispersed workforce threaten compliance and your bottom line.

SHI helps you select, deploy, and manage the technology needed to deliver rich digital experiences — allowing users to work conveniently on any device, anywhere. We help advance your technology estate securely and sustainably across the entire lifecycle — all at a lower cost. With SHI’s expertise, you can focus your efforts on future growth strategies while we help you navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Video Transcript: The future of the Modern Workplace

Question: What is the modern workplace and what challenges are the customers facing?

Kevin English: “The modern workplace is where we work on a daily basis. That could be in a coffee shop, that could be in our home offices, that could be within the four walls of our headquarters. I think what customers are looking for is an easy way to consolidate the traditional ways of deploying critical technologies into the more modern approaches — over-the-air provisioning, sending applications over to your smartphone. Much like when you buy a new iPhone and have all of your applications and security profiles ready when you enter your Apple ID. This is the experience we want to deliver to customers, even on Windows and Chrome devices.”

Question: How does SHI provide value to our customers through Modern Workplace/EUC services?

Kevin English: “SHI provides value in the modern workplace by having a holistic look at the hardware, software, and service providers that make up the modern enterprise. That could be your identity and access provider or your endpoint manager solution. SHI has relationships with them all. We know which ones work best for the right personas, in the right Industries. So that's our value prop.”

Question: What are the emerging trends we are helping customers with for their future workplace?

Kevin English: We're helping customers in three ways with their future workplace. We're helping them with the emerging trends of digital employee experience — making sure our customers are happy and productive when they get their device. We're helping them with virtual reality and head-mounted displays — being able to do training and cut down on collaboration time by having somebody do a written action in virtual reality over and over again. The third one is sustainability — being able to offer a green solution in deploying laptops has become a critical solution for our large customers. Those are the three ways we're helping customers with the future of modern work.

Question: Why should modern workplace IT investments be a priority?

Kevin English: “It impacts just about every employee at your organization — how you support smartphones, tablets, and laptops. By taking care of the 80 percent of the critical capabilities within your organization you can free yourself up for the other 20 percent of things that you need to support.”

Digital employee experience banner image

Digital employee experience

In a modern workplace transformed by hybrid teams and empowered by new and innovative technology, your organization’s digital experience underpins employees’ productivity, motivation, and buy-in. SHI helps you create intuitive digital experiences that strengthen the retention and attraction of skilled talent.

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Multivendor platform support

Your hybrid workers depend on quick and resourceful technical support for all their devices. But most support efforts are costly, hinder productivity, and are dispersed across multiple vendors, products, and platforms. SHI’s multivendor platform support streamlines the process while saving you time and money.

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Device lifecycle management

Device lifecycle management services help you spend less time on resource planning and more time supporting innovation and growth. SHI offers end-to-end and modular lifecycle solutions from procurement and deployment to maintenance and disposal, with flexible payment structures tailored to fit your needs.

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Configuration and deployment

Ensure users have the tools they need to be productive with SHI’s configuration and deployment services. From device customization to provisioning and enrollment across multiple vendor platforms, you can rely on SHI to deliver out-of-the box usability and impactful employee experiences from day one.

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Support and maintenance banner image

Support and maintenance

With critical supply constraints and increased multivendor strategies, it’s more important than ever to further the lifespan of your devices. SHI’s warranty services ensure smooth sailing with your device fleet by reducing downtime and environmental impact while maximizing the investment you’ve already made.

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Asset recovery banner image

Asset recovery

When it’s time for a device refresh, don’t let old devices collect dust in a closet. From hardware recycling and buyback to carbon credits and redeployment, SHI’s asset recovery services help you maximize ROI on end-of-life technology while remaining secure and compliant with environmental standards.

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Device-as-a-Service banner image


Simplify device management, optimize lifecycle costs, and build ideal digital employee experiences with managed support for any device from any vendor. With Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) from SHI, it’s easy to foster employee productivity while reducing vendor sprawl and unexpected or complicated invoicing.

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Two individuals standing and looking at an open laptop, engaged in collaborative work

Managed workplace services

Boost productivity and cost effectiveness by streamlining IT processes and ensuring seamless support. When you combine SHI’s end-user support with our digital services and device, platform, and collaboration tool management, you can rest assured knowing your technology landscape aligns with your business needs.

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SHI Complete

When your growth depends on technological innovation, you can't afford to be held back by outdated or under-performing IT. SHI Complete is a next-generation managed service designed to help accelerate IT transformation for small and medium enterprises. Your business. Our technical know-how. A winning combination.

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