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Employee initiatives across your entire organization rely on IT support to succeed. To truly measure their success, you need to prioritize the user experience.

When IT support doesn’t emphasize employee experiences, you risk hindering users with misdiagnosed or unresolved issues. An effective digital employee experience (DEX) strategy helps you address issues and meet employee expectations without overburdening IT staff.

SHI’s DEX service empowers you with the real-time environment, performance, and activity monitoring needed to proactively identify and resolve IT issues – often before users even feel the impact.

Our DEX service allows you to choose the best deployment and management option for your needs so you can measure and improve system metrics and act on employee sentiment.

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Find a problem with one user, fix it for everyone — without any interruptions.

SHI’s DEX service lifts the weight off your IT teams while unlocking the asset, performance, and sentiment visibility you need to reduce your number of incidents and quickly address frustrations.

Our advanced dashboards alert IT staff and offer automated remediation for common problems, helping you proactively resolve end-user issues at the device, network, application, and system level.

By reducing the volume of support tickets and streamlining IT troubleshooting, SHI’s DEX service helps boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

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To improve your employees’ digital experience, you need to understand it.

Tackling unresolved and underlying issues requires eliminating gaps in IT visibility.

SHI’s DEX service does that and more by not only tracking employee experiences through system information, but also by capturing user sentiment and aiding users with self-help fixes to common problems through constant personalized interactions.

Your campaigns’ impacts are all visible via your solution dashboards, where you can view changes to employee behavior and gain actionable insight for improving your digital experiences.

And should any critical upgrades be available, or any service outages or restorations occur, DEX provides immediate automated notifications, keeping your IT teams prepared.

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Increase uptime with unparalleled visibility and remediation.

Give your IT teams the data and actionable insights they need to establish the root cause of incidents, reduce disruptions, and prioritize workloads.

With SHI’s DEX service, you unlock live analytics, one-click and automated remediation, and seamless device monitoring to help resolve issues before they become business disruptors. Measure impacts on performance and user experiences across devices, networks, and back-end systems so you can maintain the smooth sailing of your business operations.

All of this translates to a well-oiled IT support system that mitigates downtimes and drastically reduces ticket volume – resulting in happy employees and even happier IT.

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Maximize your investments and optimize your estate.

When support tickets and unresolved issues pile up, business productivity suffers. Don’t let inefficient support stop you from managing your complex IT environment and maximizing your ROI.

SHI’s DEX service helps you take inventory of your environment, create profiles, and identify and match the right devices to the right roles. Review your actual software and hardware inventory to reclaim licensing and minimize overprovisioning, optimizing your IT estate and reducing costs over time.

We help you coalesce your monitoring and support capabilities in a multi-source environment, empowering IT to resolve issues faster and with pinpoint accuracy — all while reducing operational overheads.

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Achieve proactive and predictive user support with flexible deployment options.

Distributed workforces, choose-your-own-device initiatives, and rapid workplace innovations all create IT support conundrums that can’t be solved with reactive, ticket-based solutions.

SHI can help you transform your traditional support into a modern, proactive, business-aligned process in which issues are identified and mitigated before they become widespread incidents or business obstructions.

Choose how you deploy our DEX service to best meet business requirements. You can jumpstart with additional training and assistance while your IT staff get up to speed, or leverage a fully managed service offering to take all the weight off your teams’ shoulders.

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