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Zero Touch X

Improve user productivity with rapid device deployments.

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No more slow distribution processes. No more complex manual configurations. Just happy, productive users.

No matter where your users are located, hybrid work needs to be as agile and flexible as possible — without losing productivity to lengthy device setups and updates.

Every day, SHI’s Zero Touch X over‑the‑air provisioning (OTAP) solution delivers thousands of devices to our customers’ employees, all ready to go with the right configuration, applications, and privileges right out of the box. Zero Touch X enables hardware acceleration and improves user productivity regardless of location.

Zero Touch X supports all platforms, simplifying the process for keeping your employees connected and updated with the latest hardware configurations.

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Configure new devices in real time, from anywhere, right out of the box.

OTAP allows users to auto‑enroll their devices into management domains without the requirements of traditional imaging and domain join. With SHI, employees can do this from the comfort of their homes, without having to travel to central offices.

We also help you create digital personas with varied applications, levels of access, and policies, ensuring the right workflows and proper security for all your users.

When you’re ready, our Integration Centers can ship devices directly to your users, enabling them to work productively and securely as soon as they connect to the network. Users simply sign in and watch as their device is populated with the right apps, policies, email accounts, and more.

Simplify device setup, reduce costs, and ensure faster deployments.

Scaling up your devices and employees requires a scale up in IT resources, but manual configurations can cause frustrating delays as you try to roll out larger device fleets.

Zero Touch X simplifies device management via the cloud, allowing you to deploy standard images and consistent configurations to multiple devices at once. With Zero Touch X, you can reduce dependence on your internal IT by automating the deployment process and save costs, time, and effort by eliminating tedious manual configurations.

Our certified technicians and state-of-the-art Integration Centers are here to help you select and deploy the right platforms, apps, and configurations for your organization’s unique needs.

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Enforce security for all your devices.

To improve your security posture and data protection, you need an approach that allows immediate device supervision and granular control — while still fostering employee productivity.

Device security is a never‑ending battle; it's important to ensure all aspects of your environment are covered. By taking a holistic approach, we can help you minimize the risk to your organization.

Zero Touch X delivers everything you need to support your security teams, including in‑depth security controls that use dynamic policies based on device health, management compliance, and user location. Zero Touch X also leverages conditional access policy enforcement with Azure Active Directory.

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Support seamless administration of all your devices regardless of the manufacturer, type, or platform.

Regardless of your preferred OEMs or devices, your hardware strategy needs an inclusive approach that maintains devices while ensuring compliance and organizational protocols.

Zero Touch X gives your IT and asset management teams a transparent chain of custody for all your devices. It unlocks full visibility throughout the device lifecycle to support self‑service activities and efficient provisioning.

Our solution supports your IT governance by providing IT teams complete visibility over user compliance, devices, and policies for all managed machines accessing corporate resources. Policies can be managed, enforced, and updated remotely, avoiding the risks that can result from delayed updates.

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The X factor: One partner. Every platform.

SHI's Zero Touch X deployment utilizes OTAP to accelerate the deployment process, ensuring your new devices are configured in real time, from anywhere, right out of the box.

Gain valuable insight from SHI’s subject matter experts.

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