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Modern devices are the key to successful hybrid work. To deliver truly remarkable employee experiences, you need a device strategy built with all your users in mind.

Exciting changes in the IT landscape such as AI, automation, and employee choice programs reimagine how end-user devices impact your organization. Meanwhile, IT teams are under pressure to contribute to organizational sustainability efforts and balance the books.

Whether you want to capitalize on new innovations, refresh your device fleet, or sustainably retire or extend the life of current devices, SHI’s got you covered. Our extensive industry expertise and vendor partnerships help you choose the right devices to meet your users’ evolving needs and execute a strategy that modernizes IT and unlocks your growth potential.

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SHI evalCenter 

Evaluate up to five devices and gain hands-on experience before purchasing with the SHI evalCenter 30-day trial.

A modern workplace needs modern devices.

For most organizations, adapting to remote work meant scrambling to buy any laptop you could find. But now that it’s time for a refresh, are those devices actually a good fit, or were they just the ones available at the time?

With Windows 10 end of support on the horizon, competitively-priced MacBooks entering the enterprise market, and rapid developments in built-for-AI chipsets, choosing a device isn’t as simple as it used to be.

Luckily, SHI’s vendor-neutral experts can guide the way. Our OEM relationships and selection services help pinpoint the right devices for your organization. And with flexible financing from SHI Capital, you don’t have to wait to access the latest technology.

Windows 11 adoption can't wait: Start your 7-step plan with SHI

It can’t wait. Jumpstart your Windows 11 adoption with SHI 

Windows 10 support ends October 2025. That might feel like a long way off, but the countdown’s already begun.

Maximize the return on your existing investments.

The end of a financial commitment doesn’t have to mean the end of your devices. Extended warranties can prolong the life of your existing investment.

And with SHI’s international asset recovery solution, you can easily and securely retrieve devices from your distributed workforce. Renew and redeploy them to users with less-demanding workflows, ensuring a longer life and lower carbon impact – all at a lower cost.

By leveraging strategic partnerships with hundreds of manufacturers and a global network of partner consultants, SHI can deliver expansive technical expertise and rapid response times for all your support-related needs, helping you realize cost-savings and operational efficiencies.

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Old devices? No problem! See how easy lifecycle management can really be 

SHI helps you increase sustainability, maximize your ROI, and extend the life of your existing devices.

May 09, 2023

Perform end-of-life services securely and sustainably.

When you no longer have practical use for your old devices, SHI can help you responsibly transition them to a second life with new users or to their permanent retirement.

With cash and carbon credit options available, SHI can help you realize the remaining value of your fleet through buy-back, trade-in, and resell programs. We can even facilitate charitable donations, providing technology to those with less resources while supporting your own ESG initiatives.

If your devices have truly reached the end of the road, SHI’s asset disposition programs can help you recycle and retire your outdated hardware in a way that meets your organization’s sustainability targets.

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Asset recovery services 

See how we help achieve maximum ROI on your old IT assets while staying legally and environmentally compliant.

Maximize value across the entire lifecycle.

SHI’s device lifecycle management (DLM) services help you spend less time on resource planning and more time supporting innovation and growth. We offer end-to-end and modular lifecycle solutions from procurement and deployment to maintenance and disposal, with flexible payment structures tailored to fit your needs.

When the time comes to deploy your devices, we can help you with:

  • Custom configurations, kitting, and tagging.
  • Zero Touch X over-the-air provisioning (OTAP).

Once devices are live, we simplify management with services such as:

  • Break/fix.
  • Asset recovery, redeployment, recycling, and disposition.
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Device lifecycle management 

To ensure your devices meet users’ long-term needs, you need a DLM strategy that’s built to last and scale.

Realize your IT vision with SHI.

Think of SHI as your personal technology concierge, helping you solve what’s next with the scale of a global solutions provider, combined with the resources, expertise, and customer service of a local VAR.

Whether you’re building a modern hybrid workplace, defending against new threats, making the cloud work for you, or optimizing your software portfolio, our friendly teams blend seamless selection, delivery, and financing to simplify hard decisions for business leaders and IT procurement. The result: effective, innovative, and scalable solutions our customers love.

SHI is proud to be the largest Minority/Woman Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) in the United States.

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Solutions to help you solve what's next 

SHI connects IT pros with modern solutions to overcome your toughest challenges and drive business outcomes.

Meet some of our top device partners

Whether your device fleet has one OEM logo or eight, SHI has the services and partnerships to support you in the long run.

Get your next big idea from SHI’s end-user computing experts

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Start today: Unlock the power of Windows 11 for new benefits 

With new and improved features, Windows 11 is built for the future of work.

November 20, 2023
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Integrating Mac into your workplace is easier than you think. Here’s why 

More enterprises are integrating Macs into predominately Windows environments. But challenges persist.

November 08, 2023
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Introducing the EUC magazine: Embrace the future of modern work with SHI 

SHI is proud to introduce the EUC magazine, delivering deep industry knowledge from our modern workplace experts.

November 06, 2023
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How Zero Touch X makes it easy to deploy custom devices directly to hybrid workers 

SHI’s over-the-air provisioning solution modernizes how you deploy devices to hybrid and remote users.

August 23, 2023

Ensure your next wave of devices is a perfect fit for all your users.

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