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The shift from perimeter-based to data-centric security is a priority.

Data is the lifeblood of organizations, and it's under attack. From personal information to sensitive business data, cybercriminals are targeting data at an alarming rate. And with the increasing adoption of cloud computing and remote work, the attack surface is only getting bigger.

If you don't have a robust data-centric security strategy in place, your organization is at risk. Data-centric security focuses on protecting the data with a holistic approach, encompassing encryption, access controls, data loss prevention, and other security measures.

SHI can help you design and implement a secure strategy that meets your specific needs. We have the expertise and experience to help you protect your most valuable asset.

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Secure your critical data

Many organizations don’t know where all their sensitive data is, making it impossible to ensure security and comply with data privacy laws. SHI’s data-centric security offerings enable you to identify and secure “crown jewel” data.

Our solutions enable visibility into the location of your sensitive data, its level of risk, and how it flows within the organization. By evaluating the current state of your security program, developing a prioritized roadmap for improvement, and putting data at the heart of your security strategy, we help you establish exactly what you need to stay protected and ensure the appropriate controls are in place.

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Encryption is vital to a data-centric security strategy to protect unauthorized access and eavesdropping, maintain data integrity by detecting unauthorized changes or tampering, and adhere to regulatory frameworks like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. Encryption allows you to control access to all data in order to mitigate insider threats, keeping your data safe and your reputation intact.

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Data loss prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) is crucial when it comes to a data-centric security strategy, focusing on safeguarding data at rest, in transit, and in use. DLP tools and practices are designed to detect and prevent unauthorized access, sharing, or leakage of sensitive data. These solutions help organizations identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information, ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

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Access management

Access management and controls are the gatekeepers in a data-centric security strategy, ensuring only authorized individuals can view, modify, or manipulate data. SHI can help you implement a well-defined access control plan so your organization can preserve confidentiality, maintain integrity, and ensure compliance.

Spotlight on customer success

See how our teams and partners help organizations like yours achieve superior business and security outcomes.

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Case study

National law firm adopts winning endpoint defense with SHI and SentinelOne 

When one of the largest injury law firms in the U.S. learned their cyber insurance required a robust modernization of their endpoint security strategy, their IT security team needed to identify the best solution to support a rapidly growing, nationwide team of 3,000+ employees — and fast.

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Case study

Florida Medical Center secures sensitive patient data through Symantec DLP solution  

SHI performs end-to-end services to help customer save 50% on procuring and deploying a HIPAA-compliant solution.

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Case study

Healthcare research firm unveils master-planned campus with state-of-the-art data center 

A customer planned to consolidate four sites into a single 170,000-square-foot headquarters, and needed assistance with design, configuration, and implementation of a comprehensive network security solution to support 1,200 employees.

SHI can help you develop a robust data-centric security strategy.

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