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Innovative schools are embracing the esports phenomenon, accelerating their digital transformation, and bringing new levels of student engagement around:

  • School clubs and sports programs.
  • STEM/STEAM and technology-focused activities.
  • College-level esports scholarships and internships.
  • Esports-related careers.

SHI will turn your learning space into an esports environment that suits your school's needs. From building your hybrid data center, installing advanced networking, and designing your esports arena, SHI can help you build your unique program every step of the way. Our experts work with you to select the right technology, provide esports curricula, secure funding for activities, and identify the right leagues and tournaments for competition. Alongside SHI, you can bring your personalized esports priorities to life.

Video Transcript: SHI Helps Schools Build Scholastic Esports Programs

Excitement, competition and new learning opportunities in a safe environment. It's no wonder schools across america are turning to esports as a way to engage students and offer them the chance to hone skills that will be relevant in the tech driven careers of tomorrow. SHI has been helping k-12 and higher education institutions build effective and secure esports programs that support science, technology, engineering and math since 2016. We are proud sponsors of the hugely successful Battle Academy Esports Tournament with over 200 k-12 and higher education schools participating across the U.S.

From building complete esports programs and state-of-the-art gaming arenas, to supplying the latest devices and components your students need to compete, SHI's team of dedicated esports education specialists can help you not only realize the right esports strategy and curriculum for your school, we can also help you identify and secure grant funding as well. Don't get left behind in the race to evolve your educational and sporting curriculum with esports. Learn more about how to get started in the world's fastest growing sport. Speak with an SHI specialist today and discover how we are helping k-12 and higher education institutions across america become competitive.

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Unlocking the power of esports in education

From K-12 to higher education, harness the power of esports to cultivate teamwork, essential skills, and academic success. Experience a comprehensive range of end-to-end esports solutions by MSI, revolutionizing competition, production, and game design. Get your organization in the game with us.

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Curricula and tournaments

Curricula and tournaments

SHI provides engaging curricula and training to teachers, parents, and coaches about the benefits of esports. As a team, we can help students hone skills that will be relevant in the tech-driven businesses of tomorrow like broadcasting, programming, hardware development and setup, marketing, branding, and communications.

Discover how to build your esports program the right way 

Available funding

Available funding

Do you need funding for your esports program, but don't know where to start? Are you overwhelmed by the grant application process? SHI can help you along your entire journey. Our team not only assesses your funding options and finds relevant grants but also helps with your applications.

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Facilities and technology buildout

Facilities and technology buildout

It's difficult to go from a blank room to a fully interactive esports environment. With SHI's esports environment assessment, we consult with your staff, identify your personal requirements, and conduct a full workshop that includes recommendations for any further technology buildout.

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