Effective scholastic esports

Building blocks for assembling
your winning team

Effective scholastic esports pdf

SHI understands the importance and promise of scholastic esports as a positive influence in the lives of young learners. In this ebook, we analyze the 7 critical elements educators must consider when creating a successful scholastic esports program:

  1. Develop an esports curriculum to match your goals
  2. Win support from esports stakeholders
  3. Secure a healthy esports funding base
  4. Engage dedicated esports coaching staff who can educate and inspire
  5. Equip your team with hardware that reacts as fast as they do
  6. Engage with relevant and established scholastic esports leagues
  7. Achieve social and emotional student growth through scholastic esports

Through this ebook, your school can identify how to create a superior, smooth-operating, and well-rounded scholastic esports program. You’ll learn how to measure your goals and metrics and sustain a vibrant, evolving program that earns community-wide support.