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On-Site Service Upgrade to Factory Warranty with Monitor

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In Stock
APC On-Site Service Upgrade to Factory Warranty with Monitoring - extended service agreement - 3 years - on-site

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
On-Site Service Upgrade to Factory Warranty with Monitor
  Additional Details
Mfr Part #: W3YONSITENBD-SP-01
SHI Part #: 37576197
Category: Technical support or help desk services
UNSPSC: 81111811
Manufacturer: APC by Schneider Electric
Product Type: Other
General Information
CategoryTechnical support or help desk services
DescriptionOn-Site Service Upgrade to Factory Warranty with Monitor
ManufacturerAPC by Schneider Electric
Main Specifications
Header / BrandAPC
Packaged Quantity1
Service & Support / TypeExtended service agreement
Compatibility Information
Designed ForP/N: BE350D-LM, BE350G, BE350G-CN, BE350G-LM, BE425M, BE425M-JP, BE450G-CN, BE550G, BE550G-CN, BE550G-LM, BE550G-TW, BE600D-BR, BE600-LM, BE600M1, BE600M1-LM, BE650G1, BE650G1-CN, BE650G1-LM, BE670M1, BE700-CP, BE700-KR, BE725BB, BE750G, BE750G-CN, BE850G2, BE850M2, BE850M2-LM, BF350-IT, BF500-IT, BG500, BGE50ML, BGE50ML-CA, BGE50ML-JP, BGE70, BGE70-CA, BGE90M, BGE90M-CA, BK350-IT, BK350X545, BK500-UK, BK650-AS, BN1050-CN, BN1100M2, BN1100M2-CA, BN1350G, BN1350M2, BN1350M2-CA, BN1375M2, BN1500M2, BN1500M2-CA, BN4001, BN450M, BN575G, BN600G, BN650M1, BN650M1-CA, BN650M1-TW, BN675M1, BN700MC, BN900M, BN900M-CA, BP1050, BP1100, BP700UC, BR1000G, BR1000G-CN, BR1000G-IN, BR1000MS, BR1000S-JP, BR1100CI-IN, BR1100M2-LM, BR1200, BR1200G-FR, BR1200G-GR, BR1200GI, BR1200LCDI, BR1200SI, BR1200S-JP, BR1300G, BR1300MI, BR1350M2-LM, BR1350MS, BR1500, BR1500G, BR1500G-CN, BR1500G-FR, BR1500G-GR, BR1500GI, BR1500LCD, BR1500M2-LM, BR1500MS, BR1600MI, BR1600SI, BR24BP, BR24BPG, BR400S-JP, BR500CI-AS, BR550G-AR, BR550G-CN, BR550S-JP, BR600CI-IN, BR700G, BR800, BR800I, BR900, BR900G-FR, BR900G-GR, BR900GI, BR900MI, BV1000I, BV500I, BV650I, BV800I, BX1000M, BX1000M-LM60, BX1100CI, BX1100CI-GR, BX1100LI-MS, BX1100U-LM, BX1200, BX1300G, BX1300G-CA, BX1300LCD, BX1300LCD-CN, BX1350M, BX1400U-AZ, BX1400U-FR, BX1400U-GR, BX1400UI, BX1400U-MS, BX1500, BX1500BP, BX1500G, BX1500G-CA, BX1500LCD, BX1500M, BX1500M-LM60, BX550CI-CN, BX575U-LM, BX625CI-MS, BX650CI-AF, BX650CI-CN, BX650CI-CP, BX650CI-FR, BX650CI-LM, BX650CI-ZA, BX650LI-MS, BX650U-LM, BX800, BX800CI-GR, BX800LI-MS, BX800U-LM, BX850M, BX900, BX900R, BX950U-AZ, BX950U-FR, BX950U-GR, BX950UI, BX950U-MS, SC250RM1U, SC420, SC420I, SC420ICH, SC450RM1U, SC450RMI1U, SC620, SC620I, SC620ICH, SC620X565, SCL400RMJ1U, SCL500RM1UC, SCL500RM1UNC, SCL500RMI1UC, SCL500RMI1UNC, SRT1000RMXLI, SRT1000RMXLI-NC, SRT1000XLI, SRT1500XLI, SU450, SUA500PDR-H, SUA500PDRI-H, SUA500PDRI-S, SUA500PDR-S, SUVS420
Service & SupportExtended service agreement - parts and labor - 3 years - on-site - response time: NBD
Full Contract Period3 years
Response TimeNext business day
Service IncludedParts and labor