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Pwr Cord 2.5M 8Ft Euro Mideast Indon

Lexmark power cable - 2.5 m

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
Pwr Cord 2.5M 8Ft Euro Mideast Indon
  Additional Details
Price: $20.00
Mfr Part #: 40X3141
SHI Part #: 25855268
Category: Power cord
UNSPSC: 26121636
Manufacturer: Computer Exchange Ltd
Product Type: Hardware
General Information
CategoryPower cord
DescriptionPwr Cord 2.5M 8Ft Euro Mideast Indon
ManufacturerComputer Exchange Ltd
Main Specifications
Dimensions & Weight / Weight1
Lead Time6
Lead Time Effective Date10/23/21
List Price15.69
Quantity MeasurementEA
UNSPSC Code00000000
Compatibility Information
Designed ForLexmark C2132, C792dte, C950DE, CS310dn, CS310n, CS410dn, CS410dtn, CS410n, CS510de, CS510dte, CS736dn, CS748de, CS796de, CX310dn, CX310n, CX410de, CX410dte, CX410e, CX510de, CX510dhe, CX510dthe, M1140, M1140+, M1145, M3150, M5155, M5163, M5170, MS310d, MS310dn, MS312dn, MS315dn, MS410d, MS410dn, MS415dn, MS510dn, MS610de, MS610dn, MS610dte, MS610dtn, MS710dn, MS711dn, MS810de, MS810dn, MS810dtn, MS810n, MS811dn, MS811dtn, MS811n, MS812de, MS812dn, MS812dtn, MS911de, MX310dn, MX410de, MX510de, MX511de, MX511dhe, MX511dte, MX610de, MX611de, MX611dhe, MX611dte, MX710de, MX710dhe, MX711de, MX711dhe, MX711dthe, MX810de, MX810dfe, MX810dme, MX810dpe, MX810dte, MX810dtfe, MX810dtme, MX810dtpe, MX810dxe, MX810dxfe, MX810dxme, MX810dxpe, MX811de, MX811dfe, MX811dme, MX811dpe, MX811dte, MX811dtfe, MX811dtme, MX811dtpe, MX811dxe, MX811dxfe, MX811dxme, MX811dxpe, MX812de, MX812dfe, MX812dme, MX812dpe, MX812dte, MX812dtfe, MX812dtme, MX812dtpe, MX812dxe, MX812dxfe, MX812dxme, MX812dxpe, MX910de, MX910dxe, MX911de, MX911dte, MX912de, MX912dxe, X925de, XC2130, XC2132, XM1140, XM1145, XM3150, XM5163, XM5170, XM7155, XM7155x, XM7163, XM7163x, XM7170, XM7170x, XM850E, XM852E, XM854E, XM9145, XM9155, XM9165, XS734de, XS736de, XS748de, XS795dte, XS796de, XS796dte, XS798dte, XS925de ¦ Lexmark Forms Printer 2480, 2480 Model 100, 2480 plus, 2481, 2481 Model 100, 2481 plus, 2490, 2490 Model 100, 2490 plus, 2491, 2491 plus, 2580, 2580+, 2580n, 2580n+, 2581, 2581+, 2581n, 2581n+, 2590, 2590+, 2590n, 2590n+, 2591, 2591+, 2591n, 2591n+
Length2.5 m
LocalizationIndonesia, Middle East, Africa, Europe
TypePower cable
Compliant StandardsRoHS