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APC - Temperature sensor

APC - temperature sensor

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • for P/N: GVX1500K1100NGS, GVX1500K1100NHS, GVX800K800NGS, GVX800K800NHS, SMX1000C, SMX750C
APC - Temperature sensor
  • for P/N: GVX1500K1100NGS, GVX1500K1100NHS, GVX800K800NGS, GVX800K800NHS, SMX1000C, SMX750C
  Additional Details
Price: $86.00
MSRP: $117.00
Mfr Part #: AP9335T
SHI Part #: 18082872
Category: Hardware and accessories
UNSPSC: 43210000
Manufacturer: APC by Schneider Electric
Product Type: Accessories

Computers and Tablets

APC temperature & humidity sensor
  • for P/N: AP9335T, NBWL0456A
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General Information
CategoryHardware and accessories
DescriptionAPC - Temperature sensor - for P/N: GVX1500K1100NGS, GVX1500K1100NHS, GVX800K800NGS, GVX800K800NHS, SMX1000C, SMX750C
ManufacturerAPC by Schneider Electric
Main Specifications
Header / BrandAPC
Packaged Quantity1
Product TypeTemperature sensor
Compatibility Information
Designed ForP/N: AP9640, AP9641, AP9643, APF8000, AR106SH4, AR106SH6, AR109SH4, AR109SH6, AR112SH4, AR112SH6, AR3003, AR3003SP, AR3006, AR3006SP, AR3103, AR3103SP, AR3106, AR3106SP, AR3357X674, AR9300SP, AR9300SP-R, AR9307SP, AR9307SP-R, G55TUPSM100HINS, G55TUPSM80HINS, G55TUPSU100HINS, G55TUPSU20HINS, G55TUPSU30HINS, G55TUPSU80HINS, GVX1000K1000GS, GVX1000K1000HS, GVX1000K750HS, GVX1100K1100NGS, GVX1100K1100NHS, GVX1250K1000GS, GVX1250K1000HS, GVX1500K1100NGS, GVX1500K1100NHS, GVX500K1000GS, GVX500K1000HS, GVX500K1250GS, GVX500K1250HS, GVX500K1500GS, GVX500K1500HS, GVX500K500GS, GVX500K500HS, GVX500K750HS, GVX625K1000GS, GVX625K1000HS, GVX625K625HS, GVX750K1000GS, GVX750K1000HS, GVX750K1250GS, GVX750K1250HS, GVX750K1500GS, GVX750K1500HS, GVX750K500GS, GVX750K500HS, GVX750K750HS, GVX800K800NGS, GVX800K800NHS, NBRK0750, NBWL0355A, NBWL0455A, SCL500RM1UC, SCL500RM1UNC, SMT1000I-AR, SMT1000IC, SMT1000JOS6, SMT1000R2I-AR, SMT1000RMI2UC, SMT1500I-AR, SMT1500IC, SMT1500R2I-AR, SMT1500RMI2UC, SMT2200C, SMT2200I-AR, SMT2200IC, SMT2200R2I-AR, SMT2200RM2UC, SMT2200RM2UNC, SMT2200RMI2UC, SMT3000C, SMT3000I-AR, SMT3000IC, SMT3000R2I-AR, SMT3000RM2UC, SMT3000RMI2UC, SMT750IC, SMT750JOS6, SMT750RMI2UC, SMTL1000RM2UC, SMTL1000RMI2UC, SMTL750RM2UC, SMTL750RMI2UC, SMX1000C, SMX1000US, SMX1500RMNCUS, SMX1500RMUS, SMX2000LVNCUS, SMX2000LVUS, SMX2200RMLVUS, SMX2KR2UNCX145, SMX2KRMLVNCUS, SMX3000HVTUS, SMX3000LVNCUS, SMX3000LVUS, SMX3000RMLVUS, SMX3KRMLVNCUS, SMX750C, SMX750US, SRC1KI, SRC2KI, SRT1000RMXLI, SRT1000RMXLI-NC, SRT1000XLI, SRT1000XLJ, SRT10KXLTUS, SRT10KXLTW, SRT10RMXLIX806, SRT1500RMXLA-NC, SRT1500RMXLI, SRT1500RMXLI-NC, SRT1500XLI, SRT1500XLJ, SRT2200RMXLAUS, SRT2200XLI-KR, SRT2400XLJ, SRT3000XLA-TW, SRT3000XLAUS, SRT3000XLTW, SRT5KRMXLTUS, SRT5KRMXLW-TW, SRT5KXLTUS, SRT6KXLTUS, SRT6KXLTW, SRT8KXLTUS, SRTL1000RMXLI, SRTL1000RMXLI-NC, SRTL1500RMXLI, SRTL1500RMXLI-NC, SRTL2200RMXLI, SRTL2200RMXLI-NC, SRTL3000RMXLI, SRTL3000RMXLI-NC
Environmental Parameters
Max Operating Temperature85 °C
Min Operating Temperature-40 °C
Product TypeTemperature sensor
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