Preventing against viruses, intrusions and data loss is a round-the-clock battle. Responding to a breach that happened six months ago can be even harder. SHI’s security professionals help you address your security framework, define your existing IT environment and align business requirements and lifecycle constraints required to achieve success.

We offer a breadth of assessments to examine your environment and identify where your practices are strong, where they are weak and how to achieve an ideal security posture, including:


Security Posture Review

Examine your security controls and processes from a holistic viewpoint to identify possible areas of improvement.

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Review existing internal and external perimeters to identify any rogue points of entry.

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HIPAA Security Assessment

Stay compliant by comparing your current alignment with the latest HIPAA requirements.

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Penetration Testing

Simulate an attack on your system in order to determine where threats could sneak in and how to prevent them.

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Social Engineering

Test your staff through a variety of social engineering activities, including phishing, pre-texting and physical security evaluation.

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