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Nutanix and SHI are dedicated to helping companies achieve true business continuity through unified public cloud agility, private cloud performance, and security. As a Nutanix Champion Partner, SHI can assist in delivering industry-leading on-premises or hybrid cloud solutions to your teams.

Our vision is to provide meaningful transformation for businesses by delivering secure, reliable, cost-effective solutions that meet all their IT needs in one place.

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Benefits of Nutanix solutions through SHI

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Transform your organization at scale

We help global organizations transform at scale by combining deep technology expertise, wide-ranging tech partnerships, and a consultative partnership. Nutanix can help standardize on powerful and secure hyperconverged infrastructure to deliver all applications and data at any scale, on any cloud.

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A team of technology experts at your fingertips

As a Nutanix Champion Partner, SHI has the expertise needed to help customers accelerate their business across public and private clouds. SHI began their strategic relationship with Nutanix in 2013. Over the years, SHI has grown to become one of Nutanix’s largest partners.

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Global footprint with a strong local presence

SHI’s global network of advanced integration and innovation centers offer technical configuration, equipment testing, validation, warehousing, and shipping capabilities. Our technical experts work with your organization to design an agile and simple solution.

Cloud on your terms: a hybrid multicloud platform with freedom of choice

Leverage a hybrid multicloud platform that does what legacy IT can’t — unify divided operations, consolidate individual silos, and support all your apps and data.

Save costs, time, and resources with your own private cloud platform

Nutanix melds public and private cloud operations to enable powerful hybrid environments. See how IT teams can seamlessly manage applications across clouds, including AWS and Azure.

Nutanix dramatically reduces the operational complexity of hybrid cloud deployments and management, making it easy to extend, burst, and migrate apps and workloads.

Your cloud your choice

Your cloud your choice 

Learn how a private cloud platform helps save you costs, time, and resources

AHV: A modern and secure virtualization solution for enterprise

Webscale virtualization for the enterprise: Nutanix AHV is a modern and secure virtualization platform that powers VMs and containers for applications and cloud-native workloads on-premises and in public clouds.

AHV virtualization solution for enterprise

AHV virtualization solution for enterprise 

Read the ebook on the AHV virtualization solution for enterprise. 

5 reasons to run VMware with Nutanix

Why does Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) run great with VMware? It’s simple. Nutanix was designed to let you choose the best way to deliver a robust, easy-to-deploy, open, fully-converged HCI solution for VMware virtualization and end-user computing environments.

Easily enable end-user computing (EUC) needs with Nutanix

Utilize elastic capacity on demand, take advantage of end user computing (EUC) and cloud disaster recovery for a hybrid cloud experience. Read the solution brief to learn more.

Definitive guide to end user computing

Nutanix solves the challenges of traditional virtual desktop and application implementations. Whether you decide to run your virtual desktops and apps in the cloud or in the data center, deploy end user applications up to 8x faster with Nutanix.

Definitive guide to end user computing

Definitive guide to end user computing 

Read the end user computing guide to learn more about how Nutanix can help.

See the value Nutanix Cloud Platform can bring to businesses

Nutanix customers are realizing significant value by leveraging the Nutanix Cloud Platform, a hyperconverged infrastructure-based solution that improves IT and business productivity. This is worth an annual average of $5.9 million, which results in a five-year ROI of 356%.

Employ Nutanix's superior HCI platform to modernize your business

Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) brings newfound simplicity and operational efficiency to your datacenter and remote sites. It is perfect for delivering all your enterprise applications and virtual desktops with high performance and unmatched resilience.

Ditch SAN, Adopt HCI

Ditch SAN, Adopt HCI 

We understand you've got to run, but you might want to look inside the "It’s Time to Walk Away from SAN and Adopt HCI" first.

Save costs and time with Nutanix Database Service

Improve operations with Nutanix Database Service: See how Nutanix for databases can contain your cost and boost efficiency with a single API and console.

Database management made simple with Nutanix Database Service

Nutanix first made data center infrastructure invisible by building enterprise clouds on a hyperconverged infrastructure. The company next transformed and simplified virtualization from a standalone product to a feature.

Today, with Nutanix Database Service, Nutanix announces a revolution in provisioning and managing databases.

Make Nutanix part of your data center strategy

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