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Axiom - Notebook battery (equivalent to: Toshiba PA5186U-1BRS)

Axiom - notebook battery - Li-Ion

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • lithium ion
  • 4-cell
  • for Toshiba Satellite C50, L50, L50D, L55, S50
Axiom - Notebook battery (equivalent to: Toshiba PA5186U-1BRS)
  • lithium ion
  • 4-cell
  • for Toshiba Satellite C50, L50, L50D, L55, S50
  Additional Details
Price: $113.00
MSRP: $134.00
Mfr Part #: PA5186U-1BRS-AX
SHI Part #: 36492484
Category: Lithium batteries
UNSPSC: 26111711
Manufacturer: Axiom Memory
Product Type: Hardware
Product Line: Axiom Memory Solutions
General Information
CategoryLithium batteries
DescriptionAxiom - Notebook battery (equivalent to: Toshiba PA5186U-1BRS) - lithium ion - 4-cell - for Toshiba Satellite C50, L50, L50D, L55, S50
ManufacturerAxiom Memory
Main Specifications
General / SubcategoryBatteries
Header / BrandAxiom
Miscellaneous / Product ColorBlack
Packaged Quantity1
Product TypeNotebook battery
Service & Support / Type1-year warranty
Technology4-cell lithium ion
Compatibility Information
Designed ForToshiba Satellite C50-B-13F, C50-B-15N, C50-B-15Z, C50-B-16U, C50-B-17G, C50-B-17L, C50-B-17Q, C50-B-17R, C50-B-17T, C50-B-17U, C50-B-17V, C50-B-185, C50-B-188, C50-B-189, C50-B-18E, C50-B-18G, C50-B-18H, C50-B-18J, C50-B-18K, C50-B-18X, C50-B-18Z, C50-B-190, C50-B-19C, C50-B-19D, C50-B-19E, C50-B-19H, C50-B-19U, C50-B-1C4, C50-B-1C5, C50-B-1C6, C50-B-1C9, C50-B-1CD, C50-B-1CE, C50-B-1CF, C50-B-1CH, C50-B-1CJ, C50-BCNTN01, L50-B-07W, L50-B-11F, L50-B-163, L50-B-171, L50-B-1EZ, L50-B-1NV, L50-B-1VK, L50-B-1VN, L50-B-1VT, L50-B-1VU, L50-B-1VW, L50-B-1X4, L50-B-1XE, L50-B-1XF, L50-B-1XK, L50-B-1XM, L50-B-1Z7, L50-B-231, L50-B-235, L50-B-239, L50-B-23G, L50-B-23N, L50-B-23P, L50-B-23R, L50-B-23T, L50-B-23U, L50-B-23W, L50-B-23Z, L50-B-241, L50-B-247, L50-B-249, L50-B-24C, L50-B-24D, L50-B-24K, L50-B-24P, L50-B-24T, L50-B-24U, L50-B-24V, L50-B-24X, L50-B-24Z, L50-B-250, L50-B-258, L50-B-25C, L50-B-25E, L50-B-25K, L50-B-25L, L50-B-25M, L50-B-25N, L50-B-264, L50-B-2C9, L50-B-2CD, L50-B-2CK, L50-B-2CL, L50-B-2CM, L50-B-2CP, L50-B-2CQ, L50-B-2CR, L50-B-2CT, L50-B-2CV, L50-B-2DH, L50-B-2DJ, L50-B-2DL, L50-B-2DM, L50-B-2DP, L50-B-2DR, L50-B-2DT, L50-B-2DW, L50-B-2E3, L50-B-2E4, L50-B-2E7, L50-B-2EC, L50-B-2EJ, L50-B-2EL, L50-B-2EM, L50-B-2ET, L50-B-2F0, L50-B-2F4, L50-B-2FC, L50-B-2FK, L50-B-2FM, L50-B-2FR, L50-B-2FT, L50-B-2FU, L50-B-2FV, L50-B-2G1, L50-B-2G2, L50-B-2G4, L50-B-2G5, L50-B-2G7, L50-B-2G8, L50-B-2GE, L50-B-2GZ, L50-B-2H8, L50-B-2HC, L50-B-2HV, L50-B-2JD, L50-B-2JE, L50-B-2JF, L50-B-2JT, L50D-B-12X, L50D-B-13D, L50D-B-140, L50D-B-166, L50D-B-16V, L50D-B-179, L50D-B-18R, L50D-B-18W, L50D-B-18X, L50D-B-18Z, L50D-B-192, L50D-B-193, L50D-B-198, L50D-B-19W, L50D-B-1C1, L50D-B-1C4, L50D-B-1C5, L50D-B-1C8, L50D-B-1CE, L50D-B-1CJ, L50D-B-1CK, L50D-B-1CM, L55-B5177SM, L55-B5178RM, L55-B5191SM, L55-B5192SM, L55-B5276, L55-B5294, L55-B5338, S50-B-151, S50-B-15E, S50-B-15N, S50-B-15P, S50-B-15U, S50-B-164, S50-B-169
Device TypeNotebook battery
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 1 year
Compliant StandardsFCC, RoHS
OEM Manufacturer Battery EquivalentToshiba PA5186U-1BRS