A19 6Pk 810 Lumen 3000K LED

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Product Id: 33216674

Description: Save energy and money without sacrificing quality of light with this 6-pack of Verbatim A19 3000K LED bulb. An ideal replacement for standard incandescent and CFL bulbs, this bulb produces warm, gentle light, similar to traditional incandescent bulbs, while reducing energy costs by over 80%. With instant-on functionality, Verbatim A19 bulbs fully illuminate your space with the flip of a switch. An excellent choice for general-purpose light fixtures such as table lamps, pendant lights and ceiling lights, these bulbs have an estimated design lifetime of 25,000 hours, that's approximately 22.8 years of quality, hassle-free light!

Mfr Part #: 99072

MSRP: $26.99