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Axiom - Power adapter

Axiom - power adapter - 45 Watt

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • 45 Watt
  • for HP 14, 15, 240 G6; Chromebook 11; Envy 15; ENVY x360; Pavilion 15, 17; Pavilion x360
Axiom - Power adapter
  • 45 Watt
  • for HP 14, 15, 240 G6; Chromebook 11; Envy 15; ENVY x360; Pavilion 15, 17; Pavilion x360
  Additional Details
Price: $59.00
MSRP: $71.00
Mfr Part #: 741727-001-AX
SHI Part #: 31660103
Category: Power adapters or inverters
UNSPSC: 39121006
Manufacturer: Axiom Memory
Product Type: Hardware
Product Line: Axiom Memory Solutions
General Information
CategoryPower adapters or inverters
DescriptionAxiom - Power adapter - 45 Watt - for HP 14, 15, 240 G6; Chromebook 11; Envy 15; ENVY x360; Pavilion 15, 17; Pavilion x360
ManufacturerAxiom Memory
Main Specifications
General / SubcategoryPower adapters
Header / BrandAxiom
Miscellaneous / Product ColorBlack
Packaged Quantity1
Power Device / Form FactorExternal
Product TypePower adapter
Service & Support / Type1-year warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed ForHP 14-ac000nf, 14-ac005tu, 14-ac107na, 14-ac188ng, 15-ac007ns, 15-ac011ns, 15-ac013ns, 15-ac013tx, 15-ac014ns, 15-ac014tu, 15-ac016ns, 15-ac019tu, 15-ac031tu, 15-ac032tu, 15-ac100ns, 15-ac103ns, 15-ac106nl, 15-ac106tx, 15-ac110nf, 15-ac115ns, 15-ac119nf, 15-ac124no, 15-ac124ns, 15-ac131nf, 15-ac132no, 15-ac132ns, 15-ac140ns, 15-ac142nf, 15-ac146ns, 15-ac147ns, 15-ac154tu, 15-ac157nb, 15-ac157nf, 15-ac175nf, 15-ac190ca, 15-ac198nf, 15-ac624nl, 15-ac638tu, 15-ac641tu, 15-ac658tx, 15-ac659tx, 15-ac660tu, 15-ac674tu, 15-af028cl, 15-af142nb, 15-g023cl, 15-g212au, 15-g317cl, 15-r085tu, 15-r224no, 240 G6 ¦ HP Chromebook 11-v012nr ¦ HP ENVY 15-ae006tx, 15-ae031tx, 15-ae032tx, 15-ae100ns, 15-ae101nf, 15-ae101no, 15-ae102no, 15-ae103tx, 15-ae104nf, 15-ae108tx, 15-ae111nf, 15-ae144tx, 15-ae145tx, 15-as015tu, 15-as021tu, 15-as048tu, 15-as068nr, 15-as100nw, 15-as102ni, 15-as104nc, 15-as111nl, 15-as120nr, 15-k050no ¦ HP ENVY x360 15-bp001no, 15-bq100nl ¦ HP Pavilion 15-ab023ax, 15-ab027cl, 15-ab083tx, 15-ab102au, 15-ab103au, 15-ab104au, 15-ab105au, 15-ab115ax, 15-ab115ns, 15-ab116ax, 15-ab116ns, 15-ab117ax, 15-ab117ns, 15-ab118ax, 15-ab119ax, 15-ab120ax, 15-ab121ax, 15-ab122ax, 15-ab123ax, 15-ab124ax, 15-ab127nc, 15-ab153no, 15-ab215no, 15-ab216no, 15-ab217cy, 15-ab217no, 15-ab219cy, 15-ab220cy, 15-ab238tu, 15-ab245nf, 15-ab255tx, 15-ab256tx, 15-ab257tx, 15-ab261tx, 15-ab262tx, 15-ab294nb, 15-ab566tx, 15-n206ax, 15-p010ax, 15-p016ax, 15-p050no, 15-p095no, 15-p233cl, 17-g030ds, 17-g077cl, 17-g102ni, 17-g119nf, 17-g120nr, 17-g121wm, 17-g160nb, 17-g161nf, 17-g180nf ¦ HP Pavilion x360 11-k002ns, 11-k009tu, 11-k010tu, 11-k011tu, 11-k012tu, 11-k013tu, 11-k018tu, 11-k084no, 11-k100ns, 11-k100nt, 11-k101no, 11-k101ns, 11-k102ns, 11-k102tu, 11-k103nl, 11-k103no, 11-k103ns, 11-k103tu, 11-k112nw, 11-k128tu, 11-k130tu, 11-k131tu, 11-k132tu, 11-k133tu, 11-k161nr, 11-k180no, 11-k181no, 11-n130no, 13-s100ns, 13-s103nf, 13-s106no, 13-s185no
Device TypePower adapter - external
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 1 year
Power Device
Power Capacity45 Watt