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eReplacements Premium Power Products Mini110-ER

eReplacements Premium Power Products Mini110-ER - notebook battery

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • Notebook battery
  • for HP Mini 110
eReplacements Premium Power Products Mini110-ER
  • Notebook battery
  • for HP Mini 110
  Additional Details
Price: $55.00
MSRP: $69.99
Mfr Part #: Mini110-ER
SHI Part #: 29751566
Category: Rechargeable batteries
UNSPSC: 26111701
Manufacturer: eReplacements
Product Type: Hardware
General Information
CategoryRechargeable batteries
DescriptioneReplacements Premium Power Products Mini110-ER - Notebook battery - for HP Mini 110
Main Specifications
General / SubcategoryBatteries
Header / BrandeReplacements
Miscellaneous / Product ColorBlack
Packaged Quantity1
Product TypeNotebook battery
Service & Support / Type1-year warranty
Compatibility Information
Designed ForHP Mini 110-1014NR, 110-1030CA, 110-1127LA, 110-1135NR, 110-1135TU, 110-1150EB, 110-1160EA, 110-1199EF, 110-1199eo, 110-1199ES, 110-1199EZ, 110-3000ea, 110-3018ca, 110-3018CL, 110-3019la, 110-3027la, 110-3106sl, 110-3109sa, 110-3109sl, 110-3110sa, 110-3110sp, 110-3111sa, 110-3112sa, 110-3113sa, 110-3119la, 110-3120eb, 110-3120sp, 110-3130sb, 110-3141ss, 110-3150ec, 110-3150EF, 110-3170ef, 110-3510nr, 110-3518cl, 110-3519la, 110-3520CA, 110-3520la, 110-3521la, 110-3523la, 110-3524la, 110-3525la, 110-3530nr, 110-3538tu, 110-3550LA, 110-3600eh, 110-3600eo, 110-3600es, 110-3600sa, 110-3600sb, 110-3600sc, 110-3600sd, 110-3600sg, 110-3600sh, 110-3600so, 110-3600ss, 110-3601eo, 110-3602eo, 110-3602es, 110-3602sa, 110-3602sl, 110-3602ss, 110-3603eo, 110-3603so, 110-3604sa, 110-3605ss, 110-3610sa, 110-3610ss, 110-3611es, 110-3611ss, 110-3612sa, 110-3614sa, 110-3620ep, 110-3620es, 110-3620sp, 110-3620ss, 110-3627tu, 110-3650ef, 110-3650sf, 110-3651sf, 110-3652ef, 110-3652sf, 110-3653ef, 110-3653sf, 110-3700ca, 110-3700la, 110-3700sa, 110-3700sb, 110-3700sd, 110-3700sg, 110-3700so, 110-3701sa, 110-3702sa, 110-3703sa, 110-3704sa, 110-3705sa, 110-3706sy, 110-3710ca, 110-3710ss, 110-3710sw, 110-3712la, 110-3715la, 110-3720ca, 110-3720la, 110-3721la, 110-3725la, 110-3730nr, 110-3730sp, 110-3731cl, 110-3740ef, 110-3740sf, 110-3741ef, 110-3741sf, 110-3742ef, 110-3742sf, 110-3744ca, 110-3744tu, 110-3753ca, 110-3770ss, 110-3780ss, 110-3790ss, 110-3810la, 110-3830ca, 110-3830ey, 110-3830la, 110-3830nr, 110-3830sa, 110-3830so, 110-3830ss, 110-3830sy, 110-3860ef, 110-3860sa, 110-3860sd, 110-3860SF, 110-3860sg, 110-3860so, 110-3860sw, 110-3861ea, 110-3861ef, 110-3861sa, 110-3861SF, 110-3861ss, 110-3862ef, 110-3862sa, 110-3862sb, 110-3862SF, 110-3862ss, 110-3880eh, 110-3880eo, 110-3880so, 110-4100ca, 110-4100sf, 110-4102TU, 110-4110CA, 110-4110EA, 110-4110sc, 110-4111EA, 110-4111EF, 110-4111SA, 110-4112ef, 110-4112SA, 110-4250nr, 110-4300la
Device TypeNotebook battery
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 1 year
Compliant StandardsISO 9000