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BTI - Notebook battery

BTI - notebook battery - Li-Ion - 5200 mAh

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • 1 x lithium ion 6-cell 5200 mAh
  • for Dynabook Satellite Pro S500; Tecra A11, A11 3G-13, M11, S11
BTI - Notebook battery
  • 1 x lithium ion 6-cell 5200 mAh
  • for Dynabook Satellite Pro S500; Tecra A11, A11 3G-13, M11, S11
  Additional Details
Price: $96.00
MSRP: $109.95
Mfr Part #: PA3788U-1BRS-BTI
SHI Part #: 29741592
Category: Lithium batteries
UNSPSC: 26111711
Manufacturer: Battery Technology
Product Type: Hardware
General Information
CategoryLithium batteries
DescriptionBTI - Notebook battery - 1 x lithium ion 6-cell 5200 mAh - for Dynabook Satellite Pro S500; Tecra A11, A11 3G-13, M11, S11
ManufacturerBattery Technology
Main Specifications
General / SubcategoryBatteries
Header / BrandBTI
Miscellaneous / Product ColorBlack
Packaged Quantity1
Product TypeNotebook battery
Service & Support / Type18-month warranty
Capacity5200 mAh
Technology6-cell lithium ion
Voltage Provided10.8 V
Compatibility Information
Designed ForDynabook Satellite Pro S500-0EE, S500-0HS, S500-12M, S500-12Z, S500-130, S500-133, S500-138, S500-139, S500-13L, S500-140, S500-141, S500-144, S500-147, S500-14L, S500-14M, S500-14Z, S500-150, S500-155, S500-156, S500-158, S500-159, S500-15C, S500-15E, S500-15K, S500-15W ¦ Dynabook Tecra A11-07G, A11-07H, A11-07J, A11-103, A11-105, A11-10M, A11-11D, A11-11K, A11-123, A11-12D, A11-14P, A11-15D, A11-15P, A11-16L, A11-16M, A11-16W, A11-17N, A11-17T, A11-182, A11-183, A11-186, A11-187, A11-188, A11-18C, A11-18M, A11-19C, A11-19E, A11-19K, A11-19L, A11-19M, A11-19N, A11-19P, A11-19V, A11-1C1, A11-1CF, A11-1CP, A11-1CV, A11-1D1, A11-1D2, A11-1D4, A11-1D7, A11-1D9, A11-1DC, A11-1DT, A11-1E5, A11-1E6, A11-1E7, A11-1EE, A11-1EG, A11-1EH, A11-1EJ, A11-1ET, A11-1EU, A11-1EV, A11-1EW, A11-1F4, A11-1FM, A11-1FP, A11-1FR, A11-1FW, A11-1FX, A11-1FZ, A11-1G1, A11-1G6, A11-1G7, A11-1G8, A11-1G9, A11-1GE, A11-1GJ, A11-1HE, A11-1HK, A11-1HL, A11-1HP, A11-1HX, A11-1HZ, A11-1J2, A11-1J7, A11-1J9, A11-1JL, A11-1JQ, A11-1Jw, A11-1JZ, A11-EV1, A11-S3512, A11-S3522, A11-S3532, A11-S3541, A11-SP5003L, A11-SP5003M, A11-SP5010L, A11-SP5010M, A11-SP5011L, A11-SP5011M, A11-ST3500, A11-ST3501, A11-ST3503, A11-ST3504, A11-W3540, A11-W3541, M11-035, M11-036, M11-037, M11-047, M11-049, M11-04K, M11-05T, M11-12T, M11-12U, M11-130, M11-135, M11-137, M11-13X, M11-14C, M11-14D, M11-14L, M11-15U, M11-15W, M11-15X, M11-15Z, M11-162, M11-16C, M11-16R, M11-174, M11-177, M11-17E, M11-17M, M11-17T, M11-17U, M11-17V, M11-17W, M11-17Z, M11-180, M11-18D, M11-192, M11-19C, M11-19D, M11-S3412, M11-S3422, M11-SP4002L, M11-SP4002M, M11-ST3503, M11-ST3504, M11-ST3510, M11-W3421, M11-W3422, S11-0CN, S11-0CP, S11-0CQ, S11-0CR, S11-0CS, S11-0LW, S11-104, S11-10E, S11-10F, S11-126, S11-13X, S11-14M, S11-14N, S11-14P, S11-14R, S11-14T, S11-14U, S11-154, S11-15G, S11-15H, S11-15L, S11-15M, S11-15N, S11-160, S11-166, S11-167, S11-168, S11-16G, S11-16P, S11-172, S11-173
Device TypeNotebook battery
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - 18 months