Tripp Lite 32-Port Cat5 KVM Over IP Switch - KVM switch - 32 ports - rack-mountable

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Product Id: 28951568

Description: Tripp Lite 32-Port Cat5 IP KVM Switch 1 Local 4 Remote 16 USB Dongles Rackmount - KVM switch - USB - CAT5 - 32 x KVM port(s) - 1 local user - 4 IP users - rack-mountable

Mfr Part #: B072-032-IP4-K

MSRP: $6,080.00

Tripp Lite's 32-port NetCommander Cat5 IP KVM switch kit is the optimal solution for remote control of multiple computers/servers by up to 5 independent, simultaneous users. A single unit occupies a mere 1U of rack space, yet can control up to 32 directly connected computers. Connected computers/servers can be located up to 100 ft. from the KVM switch, with support for video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 at 60 Hz. A full-screen graphical OSD with multi-level authentication allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your installation. Allows for remote authentication via RADIUS and LDAP/S, and supports both IPv4 and IPv6.
The OSD includes a range of settings for system configuration that allow you to add accounts, customize account access, install a SSL certificate, backup and restore system settings, upgrade firmware, and more. Accessing the connected computers is a breeze; a wide range of video and mouse sync settings ensure optimal remote session performance in any situation. In addition to ports for computers/servers, two serial ports are provided for the connection and control of serial manageable devices such as PDU's, firewalls, and routers. IP PDU's can be added as devices to be controlled by the KVM, and individual KVM ports can be assigned to a PDU port, giving you the ability to power cycle or power off/on the computer/server connected to that port.
Key Points
  • Directly connect up to 32 computers/servers.
  • 16 USB Dongles included( B078-101-USB-1)
  • Free Management Software available to Access and Control all of your Tripp Lite NetCommander IP KVM's(B070 and B072 IP series) from a single interface
  • Connected computers/servers can be located up to 100 ft.(30 m.) away from the KVM using inexpensive Cat5e/6 cabling and, B078-101-USB-1 or B078-101-USB2 SIUs.
  • Supports HD video resolutions up to 1920 x 1080, including widescreen formats such as 1680 x 1050 and 1600 x 1200
  • Supports up to 4 simultaneous remote sessions.
  • In addition to multiple remote sessions, a local user can access the KVM simultaneously to the remote users.
  • Java-based application allows for control of a target server via web browser from any location over a secure IP connection.
  • Non-Browser client available via Support section, which can by-pass browser related Java Security prompts upon login
  • Remote authentication support - RADIUS and LDAP/S
  • Supports both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Accessing the connected computers is a breeze; a wide range of video and mouse sync settings ensure optimal remote session performance in any situation.
  • Virtual Media allows an.iso file located in a Shared folder of a SAMBA or NFS server that is accessible to the KVM to be mounted to a Target Server and accessed as if it were directly stored on it. Virtual Media data transfer rates up to 12Mbps( B078-101-USB2 required) are supported.
  • Supports the highest security standards for encryption(128-bit AES and HTTPS).
  • BIOS level control to any server’s brand and model, regardless of the server condition and network connectivity. Covers the entire spectrum of crash scenarios.
  • PDU Control – Allows you to add IP PDU’s as devices that can be controlled by the KVM. Individual ports on the KVM can be assigned to a port on a PDU, allowing you to Power Cycle or Power Off/On the computer/server connected to that port without leaving the KVM session screen.
  • Multi-Level account access – Administrator and User accounts can be created, with a password being required to access the KVM switch and your assigned permissions. Administrator accounts have full access, while User accounts can be set up to access only the ports and features necessary to that individual.
  • Dual Ethernet Ports – If one network port fails, the other takes over.
  • Dual Power Supplies – If one power supply fails, the other takes over.
  • Dual Serial Ports – Connect serial manageable devices, such as PDUs, firewalls, and routers.
  • Allows for system sent messages to SNMP server to notify of LAN or power failures.
  • Event log records events that take place on the installation, such as logins, reboots, network settings changes, etc..
  • Allows for the installation of a SSL certificate to ensure secure transactions between the Web servers and browsers.
  • Access and control the KVM via the graphical remote interface, or a text based local OSD.
  • Flash upgradeable firmware over the network
  • Fast Virtual Media KVM System patented under Pat. No. US 9,417,720