Promise Vess A2200 - standalone DVR

Category: Surveillance video or audio recorders
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Product Id: 28803711

Description: Promise Vess A2200 - Standalone DVR - 6 x 3 TB - networked - 2U - rack-mountable (option)

Mfr Part #: VA2200GXSAKH

The Vess A2000 series are high performance NVR storage appliances for IP video surveillance designed for installations of up to over one hundred Full-HD IP cameras. As a fully certified solution optimized for surveillance video recording, the Vess A2000 series dramatically reduces the costs and complexity of video surveillance deployments.
Key Points
  • NVR storage appliance optimized for video surveillance
  • Ideal for up to over 100 Full-HD IP cameras
  • Perfect for gaming, manufacturing, retail, hospitals and many more industries
  • Integrated solution results in less management overhead
  • Reduces deployment costs, complexity and interoperability conflicts
  • Preloaded with operating system
  • Hot-swappable drive bays
Product Features
  • NVR storage appliance for IP video surveillance
    The Vess A2000 series is built to be the best video surveillance storage solution on the market. Delivering reliable and stable performance for surveillance video recording, especially when the arrays is in a critical state or during rebuild which is key to eliminating frame dropping, the Vess A2000 series is ideal for installations of up to over a hundred Full-HD IP cameras, making it perfect for banking, retail, gaming, manufacturing, and many more industries.
  • Reduces deployment costs and complexity
    The Vess A2000 series reduces support and equipment costs because there is no separate RAID storage unit to manage, eliminating the need for a server, controller cards, external cables, and a separate storage enclosure. Additionally, the Vess A2000 series reduces interoperability conflicts caused when integrating different hardware.
  • Integrated solution - easier to manage and grow
    The all-in-one Vess A2000 solution makes it incredible easy to scale as your surveillance needs grow. Security practitioners can easily scale with no user configuration, just plug and add. When external storage is a must, easily scale up with PROMISE's Vess external storage series, creating a total video surveillance solution that combines a recording appliance and external storage.