Acronis Access Advanced - maintenance (renewal) ( 1 year )

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Product Id: 28293517

Description: Acronis Access Advanced - Maintenance (renewal) ( 1 year ) - 1 user - volume - 251-500 licenses - ESD - Win, Mac, Android, iOS - English

Mfr Part #: AALBR4ENS11

MSRP: $37.50

Enterprise IT is struggling to secure and control content access, sync and share, especially on mobile devices, without having a negative impact on end-user productivity.
Key Points
  • Providing secure access to corporate content for mobile users
  • Providing secure method for users to share content with internal and external constituents across their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Providing a viable alternative to end-users using insecure and unauthorized Cloud file sharing services such as Dropbox, to access and share content
  • Providing complete visibility into access, sync and share activities for auditing purposes
  • Complementing MDM solutions' basic device and applications security
Product Features
  • Access, sync and share content from servers and your own desktop
    Acronis Access enables users to easily access, sync and share their content and files on the go, anywhere, anytime. Files can be accessed and synced from file servers, NAS and SharePoint as well as their own PC or Mac.
  • Securely create, edit and synchronize Office documents on mobile devices
    Users can create and edit and synchronize Office documents and annotate PDF within the secure Access environment, which eliminates data leakage and security issues and improves productivity.
  • Easy to use
    Easy and intuitive UI makes it simple and natural for users, requiring virtually no training.
  • Set the right policies and controls for your organization
    Advanced and sophisticated security capabilities give IT the power to protect the company's critical data assets with security policies that ensure control and compliance for content, users and devices.
  • Active Directory integration
    Integrates with Active Directory making authentication, provisioning and user management seamless.
  • Visibility for auditing and compliance
    Audit log gives IT the visibility to see what users are doing, what documents they access, and who they share with.