V7 - screen protector

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Product Id: 28279334

Description: V7 - Screen protector - for Apple iPad Air

Mfr Part #: PS500-IPADTPG-3N

MSRP: $34.99

Looking to protect your iPad Air from screen shattering impacts? The V7 shatter proof tempered glass screen protector has a 8H - 9H hardness rating to protect from screen impacts while preserving the optical clarity and touchscreen responsiveness. The Oleophobic coating is also fingerprint resistant and smudge proof. The edge of the screen protector is beveled so there are no sharp edges for safe use. The quick and easy bubble free installation is the perfect fit for your for iPad Air tablet.
Key Points
  • Shatter and scratch proof with 8H-9H hardness rated tempered glass
  • Anti-fingerprint and Smudge proof with Oleophobic coating
  • Perfect optical clarity and touchscreen responsiveness
  • Safety beveled edge
  • Easy and bubble-free installation for a perfect fit