HPE MSR2003 - Router - GigE - rack-mountable - remarketed

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Product Id: 27952949

Description: HPE MSR2003 - Router - GigE - rack-mountable - remarketed

Mfr Part #: JG411AR

MSRP: $750.00

The HP MSR2000 router series is a second generation HP Multi-Service Router (MSR G2) that supports HP FlexBranch solution as part HP's overall comprehensive HP FlexNetwork architecture. The HP MSR2000 router series features a modular design that delivers unmatched application services for small to medium sized branch offices while reducing complexity, simplifying configuration, deployment and management.
The MSR2000 router series provides a full-featured, resilient routing platform, including IPv6 and MPLS, up to 1 Mpps forwarding capacity and 400 Mbps of IPsec VPN encrypted throughput. The MSR2000 router multi-core processors ensures high performance and reliable routing, switching, SIP/voice, 3G/4G WAN and security services all in one device.
Key Points
  • Excellent forwarding performance
  • Powerful security capacity
  • Ideal multi-service platform
  • Advanced hardware architecture supports multi-core processors, gigabit switching, and PCIE bus
  • High-density port connectivity provides up to three interface module slots and up to 15 fast Ethernet ports
  • Multiple WAN interfaces provides a traditional link with E1, T1, Serial, and ISDN links
  • Packet storm protection protects against broadcast, multicast, or unicast storms with user-defined thresholds
  • 3G/4G LTE access support provides 3G wireless access for primary or backup connectivity
  • Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) protocol snooping
  • Port mirroring: duplicates port traffic (ingress and egress) to a local or remote monitoring port
  • VLANs supports IEEE 802.1Q-based VLANs
  • sFlow allows traffic sampling