HPE LoadRunner Foundation Entitlement - Subscription license ( 3 months ) - electronic

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Description: HPE LoadRunner Foundation Entitlement - Subscription license ( 3 months ) - electronic

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HP LoadRunner software is the industry-standard software for performance engineering. Generate real-life loads. Identify and diagnose problems. Deploy with high quality and confidence.
How do you know whether your mission-critical applications meet the performance and scalability that your business requires? How do you decrease the risk of poor performance or catastrophic failure when deploying a multi-user system? Are your applications giving the best possible performance?
Enterprise applications are increasingly complex and with web 2.0 technologies there are many moving parts, which can easily become points of failure if not tested prior to deployment. HP LoadRunner software is a uniquely comprehensive testing solution for predicting system behavior and performance used by thousands of businesses around the world. It enables an efficient and robust means to verifying that your application's architecture is built for more efficient performance and reliability.
Key Points
  • Reduces cost of application downtime related to performance issues in production
  • Supports performance testing of the technologies together with your existing, legacy applications
  • Accurately tests a mix of mobile and Internet users, reducing the risk of performance bottleneck when bringing mobile applications to production
  • Decreases the risk of deploying systems that do not meet performance requirements
  • Reduces hardware and software costs by accurately predicting application scalability and capacity
  • Helps you establish intelligent service-level agreements before applications go live
  • Shortens test cycles to accelerate delivery of high-quality applications
  • Pinpoints end-user, system-level, and code-level bottlenecks rapidly and with ease
  • Reduces the cost of defects by testing earlier in the application lifecycle
Product Features
  • Test against a broad range of applications and protocols
    HP LoadRunner supports performance testing for a wide range of application environments and protocols, including AJAX, Flex, Microsoft Silverlight, web, SOA, web services, RDP, Database, Terminal, Citrix, Java, .NET, Oracle, and SAP. An updated and easy-to-use scripting and debugging engine leverages data format extensions and correlation studio to make scripting faster and easier.
  • Record and replay a variety of web 2.0 technologies
    HP TruClient technology, available in HP LoadRunner and HP Performance Center, is a browser-based HP Virtual User Generator (VUGen) that supports next-generation AJAX applications. It is embedded in the browser and provides interactive recording and scripting, which removes the need for programming during scripting. It gives you the ability to record and replay at various levels, from the GUI level down to the transport and socket level, depending on the skill set available and the level of customization required. HP TruClient supports all AJAX applications, regardless of the framework or toolkit they were built with. HP TruClient makes testing of web, web 2.0, and mobile applications faster, easier, and more comprehensive.
  • Support traditional as well as cloud and hybrid delivery environments
    HP LoadRunner supports applications on all platforms. Regardless of whether it is an application running in the cloud, or in-house, on bare-metal or virtual machines, or in hybrid environments, HP LoadRunner can help create, load, and test the application before it goes live, so that you can deploy applications with confidence.
  • Deliver enterprise load generation, monitoring, and diagnostics
    HP LoadRunner can generate realistic loads scaling up to hundreds and thousands of virtual users (Vusers). The load can be distributed across various load generators either inside or outside the firewall to reproduce realistic conditions. HP LoadRunner also has more than 60 non-intrusive monitors to monitor various types of systems.
  • Simplify analysis and reporting
    With its bubble-up analysis capabilities, HP LoadRunner helps you quickly determine which transactions passed or failed the set service-level objectives, as well as some potential causes of failure. A strong analysis engine helps you slice and dice data in many ways to easily pinpoint the root cause of the problems. You can also use templates to generate multiple custom reports to serve the needs of various stakeholders.
  • Integrated diagnostics
    HP LoadRunner has a seamless integration with HP diagnostics, which drills down into applications level issues to find the root cause of problems. It supports various application stacks including J2EE,. Net, SAP, Oracle and SOA.