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Description: HPE LoadRunner Oracle E-Business Protocol Bundle - License - 1 virtual user/controller - volume - 1-499 licenses - electronic

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Do your applications and systems provide the performance and scalability your business requires?
HP LoadRunner can help you prevent costly application performance problems in production by detecting bottlenecks before a new system or upgrade is deployed. This software enables you to measure end-to-end performance, diagnose application and system bottlenecks and tune for better performance - all from a single point of control. The integrated load test, performance test and application stress test features help you reduce the costs and time required to test and deploy new applications and systems into your production environment.
Key Points
  • Obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance
  • Verify that new or upgraded applications meet your specified performance requirements
  • Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks during the development lifecycle
  • Reduce production downtime and poor application performance
Product Features
  • Deliver enterprise load generation, monitoring, and diagnostics
    HP LoadRunner supports performance testing for a wide range of application environments and protocols, including Web, SOA and Web Services, Ajax, RDP, Database, Terminal, Citrix, Java, .NET, and all major ERP and CRM applications, including PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP, and Siebel. HP LoadRunner has more than 60 non-intrusive monitors tailored for these systems and provides diagnostics for any applications running on J2EE or .NET platforms, which includes Siebel, Oracle, and SAP.
  • Reduce scripting time by 80 percent
    HP LoadRunner can reduce the script-creation process, even to just a few simple mouse clicks. The Click and Script technology lets you record scripts at the user-interface level by clicking on screens for automatic script generation, making the scripting process easier. It automatically captures the most valuable scripting information to create succinct, visually intuitive, and self-explanatory scripts, reducing scripting time and maintenance by an average of 80 percent. These scripts are also easier to maintain, allowing you to look at the scripts, quickly see what is happening in each statement, and focus on the elements to modify for another test.
  • Support the application lifecycle
    To enable load testing earlier in the application lifecycle, HP LoadRunner integrates with the leading J2EE, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft .NET environments. This integration lets you create HP LoadRunner scripts directly within the IDE, so developers can participate in the performance testing efforts earlier. To facilitate intelligent release decisions, HP LoadRunner is integrated with industry-leading quality software. Leveraging these complementary products together with HP LoadRunner provides a comprehensive solution for managing release risk, so you can make informed decisions prior to going live. Application performance and service-level management doesn't end when load testing is done. In fact, service-level management begins when the system goes live.