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Product Id: 27893076

Description: Brocade - Fan unit (pack of 4) - for ICX 7750-26Q, 7750-48C, 7750-48F

Mfr Part #: ICX7750-FAN-E

MSRP: $1,495.00

Today's campus network core and aggregation layers are quickly moving to 10 and 40 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) switching as enterprises rapidly adopt applications such as High-Definition (HD) video and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives, which drive the need for resilient, high-bandwidth access networks. To meet these challenges, campus network solutions must provide better performance, port density, reliability, security, Quality of Service (QoS), and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
The Brocade ICX 7750 switch delivers advanced high-availability capabilities, and flexible stacking architecture, making it the most robust Brocade campus aggregation and core distributed chassis switch offering for campus LANs. In addition to rich Layer 3 features, the Brocade ICX 7750 supports Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT) and is an integral part of the Brocade HyperEdge architecture for campus LANs. Today's data centers are also expanding as the demand for data and storage continues to grow exponentially. Moreover, requirements such as application convergence, non-stop operation, scalability, high availability, and power efficiency are placing even greater demands on the network infrastructure.
Part of the Brocade ICX family of Ethernet switches for campus LAN and classic Ethernet data center environments, the Brocade ICX 7750 switch is a 1U high-performance, high-availability, and market-leading-density 10/40 GbE solution that meets the needs of business-sensitive campus deployments and High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments. With industry-leading price/performance and a low-latency, cut-through, non-blocking architecture, the Brocade ICX 7750 provides a cost-effective, robust solution for the most demanding deployments.
Key Points
  • Delivers superior value by incorporating enterprise-grade advanced features such as VRRPe, BGP, robust IPv4/IPv6 support, Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT), and Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF)
  • Saving valuable rack space and power in wiring closets
  • Provides unprecedented stacking performance
  • Provides OpenFlow support in true hybrid-port mode, enabling Software Defined Networking (SDN) for programmatic control of network data flows
Product Features
  • High availability with hitless failover
    Organizations can count on Brocade ICX 7750 switches to deliver continuous availability for an optimized user experience. Brocade stacking technology helps provide high availability, performing real-time state synchronization across the stack and enabling instantaneous hitless failover to a standby controller in the unlikely event of a failure of the master stack controller. Organizations also can use hot-insertion/removal of stack members to avoid interrupting service when adding a switch to increase the capacity of a stack or replacing a switch that needs servicing. These features provide another level of availability for the campus wiring closet in a compact form factor. Additional design features include intake and exhaust temperature sensors and fan spin detection to quickly identify abnormal or failed operating conditions - helping to minimize mean time to repair.
  • Increased reliability through redundancy and intelligence
    The Brocade ICX 7750 includes dual-internal redundant power supplies. These power supplies are hot-swappable and load-sharing with auto-sensing and auto-switching capabilities, which are critical for power redundancy and deployment flexibility. The hot-swappable power supplies (1+1) and fan assembly (3+1) allow organizations to replace components without service disruption. In addition, several high-availability and fault-detection features help in failover of critical data flows, enhancing overall system availability and reliability. Organizations can use Brocade Network Advisor and sFlow-based network monitoring and trending to proactively monitor risk areas and optimize network resources.
  • Data protection through robust security
    Security is a critical requirement in today's data centers and branch offices, and the Brocade ICX 7750 provides robust security through a wide range of advanced features. Organizations can use both regular and extended Access Control Lists (ACLs) to control access to and through data center networks.
  • Advanced QoS to improve data traffic integrity
    The Brocade ICX 7750 offers superior QoS features designed to ensure high-reliability services throughout the data center. It can identify, mark, classify, reclassify, and manage traffic based on specific criteria. This enables organizations to classify bandwidth-critical application traffic, discriminating among various traffic flows and enforcing bandwidth policies.
  • Multicast-based applications
    The use of video, financial, and other one-to-many applications requires support for scalable multicast services. The Brocade ICX 7750 supports IGMPv1/2/3, PIM-SM/SSM/DM, MSDP, Anycast RP, and PIM snooping for optimized multicast forwarding. In addition, the Brocade ICX 7750 provides storm-control features to contain and intelligently switch rather than broadcast multicast traffic.