VMware ThinApp Suite - ( v. 5 ) - license

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Product Id: 27693052

Description: VMware ThinApp Suite - (v. 5) - license - 50 clients, 1 workstation - VPP - level 1 (250-599)

Mfr Part #: THIN5-STE-C-L1

VMware ThinApp makes it possible to run virtually any version of an application on a single operating system without conflicts and to securely package applications for physical and virtual desktops. You'll get a solution for the office or for the road that offers agent-less application virtualization, plugging into your existing infrastructure for maximum efficiency, security, convenience and cost savings.
Key Points
  • Accelerates time-to-value of applications in the development cycle
  • Eliminates interoperability and compatibility testing of applications to save time and money
  • Provides access to any application from anywhere on virtually any device, including USB smart drives and thin clients
  • Works with existing desktop management solutions
Product Features
  • Integration with VMware horizon application manager
    Applications packaged with ThinApp are now easy to deploy and manage through horizon application manager, which gives IT administrators control over policy setting and user entitlement to applications. Users can access their applications from a simple web-based catalog.
  • Agentless architecture
    Designed for fast deployment and ease of management, ThinApp requires no agent code on target devices.
  • Complete application isolation
    It is package entire applications and their settings into a single executable that runs independently on any endpoint, allowing multiple versions or multiple applications to run on the same device without any conflict.
  • Built-in security
    Application packages run only in user mode, so end users have the freedom to run their preferred applications on locked-down PCs without compromising security.
  • Three-step setup capture
    Use a three-step process for pre and post-installation system states. This simplifies application packaging and supports applications that require a reboot during the installation process.
  • ThinApp converter
    ThinApp works with VMware vSphere, VMware ESX and VMware Workstation images to convert installed applications to ThinApp packages. Using the command-line interface, you can automate application conversion and management.
  • Application link
    Configure relationships among virtualized applications, plug-ins, service packs and even runtime environments such as Java and .NET.
  • Application sync
    Automatically apply updates over the web to applications on unmanaged PCs and devices.
  • Supports for USB drives and thin clients
    Deploy, maintain and update applications on USB storage drives and thin client terminals.
  • VMware horizon application manager integration
    Manage and deploy applications packaged with ThinApp into a cloud-based application catalog. Set policies for application entitlements based on users, location and device, and ensure flexible, 24/7 access to end users across devices.
  • Zero-footprint architecture
    Plug ThinApp directly into existing IT tools without adding dedicated hardware or back-end databases.
  • Integration with management tools
    ThinApp creates standard MSI and EXE packages that can be delivered through existing tools from Microsoft, BMC Software, HP, CA Technologies, Novell, Symantec, LANDesk and others.
  • Support for active directory authentication
    Add and remove ThinApp users from active directory groups, and prevent unauthorized users from executing ThinApp packages.
  • Horizon application manager integration
    Manage ThinApp applications by using horizon application manager with the single click of a button.