Black Box HDMI Repeater - repeater

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Product Id: 27417578

Description: Black Box HDMI Repeater - Repeater - 19 pin HDMI Type A - up to 35 m

Mfr Part #: VR-HDMI-50M

MSRP: $55.50

Boost HD quality video up to 114 feet (35 m) with this in-line HDMI repeater. Placed next to your end device at the end of a longer high-speed HDMI cable run, the repeater regenerates the HDMI signal for clear output on a distant HDMI display or projector.
What's more, it enables you to adjust signal equalization for reliable performance over the exact length of cable on the repeater's input. Simply turn an 8-position EQ DIP switch for your length of HDMI cable, from 3.2 feet (1 m) to 114 feet (35 m). For maximum signal protection, the HDMI repeater features a durable metal chassis that helps eliminate EMI interference and digital "noise" that can result in video image "sparkles".
Key Points
  • Regenerates digital video/audio signals over high-speed HDMI cable
  • Supports Full HD video up to 1080p and for 3D display
  • Features 340-MHz/3.4-Gbps bandwidth per channel
  • Supports 12-bit-per-channel deep color depths
  • Transmits uncompressed audio, such as LPCM, plus compressed audio
  • Eight levels of equalization for optimizing for different cable lengths
  • HDCP passthrough
  • Can be used with a Blu-ray player or other protected content source
  • Tough, iron shell for eliminating EMI interference
  • Can operate using power via the HDMI cable connection