Shavlik Protect Standard For Server - Term License ( 2 years )

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Product Id: 27402680

Description: Shavlik Protect Standard For Server - Term License (2 years) + 2 Years VMware Production Support & Subscription Service - Win

Mfr Part #: S-STD-SV-2P-TLSS-C

MSRP: $71.00

Shavlik Protect brings enterprise-level IT management to companies of all sizes. Get centralized patch management and asset inventory for Windows and third party applications for both virtual and physical machines. And, from the same console, get patch management capabilities, dozens of pre-built ITScripts, power management, and centralized antivirus.
Key Points
  • Continuously scans and deploys all available patches to Operating Systems, Guest OSes, and Microsoft applications -in particular, critical security patches
  • Offline virtual machine patching - scans and patches all of your virtual machines, whether they are currently online or offline
  • Template virtual machine patching - supports template patch updates to ensure that they are always at a ready patched status consistent with policy
  • Agentless and agent-based - offers the industry's leading IT management solution that can seamlessly blend agentless and agent-based technologies
  • Support for industry-standard scripting language, Microsoft PowerShell
  • Ability to build unique workflow processes
  • Power machines off in the evenings and on weekends and wake machines up to deploy critical security patches and then put them back in a power saving state automatically to reduce attack surfaces and save energy
  • Wake-on-LAN services (remotely power on machines for patching then power down)
  • Save energy and money by powering off computers at night and on weekends
  • Complete protection against the top security threats - operating system patching, application-level patching, virtual machine patching, and antivirus
  • Schedule data file downloads for patch and/or antivirus/spyware signatures
  • View patch and threat information at the same time
  • Real-time file scanning for all threats - including spyware, adware, malware, and viruses
Product Features
  • Comprehensive patch management
    Everything you need for consistent, cost-effective patching for data centers and workstations.
  • Cloud patch management and beyond
    Patch both on-premise and off-premise machines with agentless or cloud-based patching.
  • Virtual machine support
    Patch offline and online virtual machines, including virtual templates and even the ESXi host.
  • Flexible reporting
    Discover what’s missing in your environment and demonstrate compliance.
  • Automate IT tasks
    Perform IT maintenance tasks to better secure and obtain information about your environment.
  • Power management
    Turn machines off to save on power bills, and wake them up to ensure, they’re ready, during your maintenance windows.