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Description: HPE Trim Package Software - License - 1 named user

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HP TRIM software is the Records Management component of the HP information governance platform; it is a scalable enterprise document and records management system that simplifies the capture, lifetime management, security and access to all your information - in business context. It enables you to more easily comply with your enterprise governance and regulatory compliance obligations, provides authoritative records of your business activities and transparent policy based lifetime management of all your information, regardless of system or source. Growing with the changing needs of government, regulated industries and enterprises, HP TRIM helps organizations meet the goals of improved staff productivity and efficiency while reducing operational, financial and legal risk.
HP TRIM is a highly configurable and easily deployable commercial off the shelf solution that is proven in large government and regulated industry organizations and can meet the needs of any enterprise. The product is easy to implement, supports automated policy application and it is easier to respond to e-discovery requests. HP TRIM provides records management rigor to your business records, physical and electronic, regardless of source and allows organizations to reduce the operational, financial and legal risks of legal discovery, litigation and audit.
Integrated with Microsoft Office applications, SharePoint and line of business applications, HP TRIM enables organizations to proactively capture, classify and manage evidence of their decision making and business activities in an enterprise scalable records management system. Information and business records are the lifeblood of any business and therefore better records management means better business.
Key Points
  • Proven document and records management for your enterprise faster
  • Increased compliance and faster response to legal discovery requests
  • Improved employee productivity and enhanced business process efficiency
  • Transparent records management and site archiving for SharePoint
Product Features
  • Increase the value of your business information
    Every knowledge worker needs to quickly access information across your organization. Yet the volume of information and the range of electronic and paper formats that you must manage are continually increasing. Compounding this challenge is the growing number of legislative and regulatory requirements that demand the application of compliance policies and standards to information across your enterprise. HP Trim software delivers the scalable, compliance policy management and organizational efficiency you need. HP Trim incorporates more than two decades of information management expertise into comprehensive, "out-of-the-box" software, providing document and records management, e-mail management, web content management, imaging, workflow and document centric collaboration to organizations around the world.
  • Meet the demands of regulation
    Compliance and risk are at the forefront of the minds of government and industry leaders around the world. Penalties for non-compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements are severe. HP Trim helps you maintain ongoing compliance (and preparedness for litigation), while increasing your overall productivity with information management best practices.
    As a result, HP Trim reduces your risk while increasing security, data integrity, productivity and accountability. HP Trim is particularly ideal for global, highly regulated markets.
  • Be compliant and prepared for e-discovery
    HP Trim is built on the principle that compliance needs to address the complete information lifecycle of each and every document or record, from creation to archival or destruction. HP Trim supports retention schedules and holds for practically all content types and formats so that you can manage your business-critical information according to your organizational policies, in a more secure and systematic way, across your entire enterprise. The authenticity of the forms of information is fundamental to litigation.
  • Manage your e-mail records
    HP Trim lets you manage e-mail with the same rigor, and in the same intuitive manner, as other types of business-critical information. You can easily file, retrieve and work with e-mail content in exactly the same way you work with Microsoft Office documents. E-mail and attachments stored in HP Trim maintain their evidential integrity.
  • Enhance your information security
    HP Trim manages access to and security for both your metadata and information content. It reduces risk and increases productivity by limiting your knowledge workers to access only the information to which they are authorized. With HP Trim, you can also manage security at the organizational level. You build protection into your processes and reinforce your overall organizational security. As a result, you get more secure, efficient and cost-effective information sharing across your entire organization.
  • Improve responsiveness and enhance productivity
    HP Trim features powerful and extensive built-in metadata, which uses strong relational capabilities, to help you quickly and easily locate business information. Powerful search capabilities, an intuitive interface and the ability to group documents logically all work together to fulfill requests for information quickly. In addition, HP Trim manages business processes across your organization to streamline workflows, accelerate dissemination of information and increase knowledge worker productivity. HP Trim drives productivity improvements with powerful capabilities for meeting management. It lets you organize your agenda and minutes, log attendees, track actions and keep a formal record of decisions. HP Trim provides the capabilities you need to transform meetings into real organizational action.