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V7 - Notebook battery

V7 - notebook battery - Li-Ion - 7800 mAh

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • 1 x lithium ion 9-cell 7800 mAh
  • black
  • for Compaq Presario CQ62
V7 - Notebook battery
  • 1 x lithium ion 9-cell 7800 mAh
  • black
  • for Compaq Presario CQ62
  Additional Details
Price: $87.00
MSRP: $111.99
Mfr Part #: CPQ-CQ62X9V7
SHI Part #: 27313658
Category: Lithium batteries
UNSPSC: 26111711
Manufacturer: V7
Product Type: Hardware
General Information
CategoryLithium batteries
DescriptionV7 - Notebook battery - 1 x lithium ion 9-cell 7800 mAh - black - for Compaq Presario CQ62
Main Specifications
General / SubcategoryBatteries
Header / BrandV7
Miscellaneous / Product ColorBlack
Packaged Quantity1
Product TypeNotebook battery
Service & Support / Type1-year warranty
Capacity7800 mAh
Technology9-cell lithium ion
Voltage Provided10.8 V
Compatibility Information
Designed ForCompaq Presario CQ62-101TX, CQ62-102TX, CQ62-103TU, CQ62-104TU, CQ62-105TU, CQ62-105TX, CQ62-106TU, CQ62-108TU, CQ62-108TX, CQ62-109TU, CQ62-109TX, CQ62-110TU, CQ62-111TU, CQ62-111TX, CQ62-112TU, CQ62-112TX, CQ62-113TU, CQ62-113TX, CQ62-114TX, CQ62-115TX, CQ62-116TU, CQ62-200SB, CQ62-200SD, CQ62-200SJ, CQ62-200SK, CQ62-200SM, CQ62-200SQ, CQ62-201AU, CQ62-201AX, CQ62-201SO, CQ62-201TU, CQ62-202AU, CQ62-202SO, CQ62-202TU, CQ62-203AU, CQ62-203AX, CQ62-203TU, CQ62-204AX, CQ62-205SR, CQ62-206SO, CQ62-206TU, CQ62-207AU, CQ62-207TU, CQ62-208AU, CQ62-210AX, CQ62-210EB, CQ62-210EC, CQ62-210EE, CQ62-210EI, CQ62-210EK, CQ62-210EM, CQ62-210SA, CQ62-210SQ, CQ62-210TU, CQ62-211AX, CQ62-212AX, CQ62-212TU, CQ62-213AX, CQ62-213NR, CQ62-214AX, CQ62-214TU, CQ62-215AX, CQ62-215DX, CQ62-215ER, CQ62-215SZ, CQ62-215TU, CQ62-217AX, CQ62-217CA, CQ62-217EZ, CQ62-219TU, CQ62-220EA, CQ62-220EM, CQ62-220ER, CQ62-220EV, CQ62-220SI, CQ62-220SV, CQ62-221SA, CQ62-223TU, CQ62-225ER, CQ62-225NR, CQ62-225SA, CQ62-228TU, CQ62-230EA, CQ62-230EI, CQ62-230ER, CQ62-230SA, CQ62-231NR, CQ62-235EM, CQ62-235EP, CQ62-235SF, CQ62-235ST, CQ62-237EF, CQ62-238DX, CQ62-240EV, CQ62-240SV, CQ62-243SF, CQ62-251TU, CQ62-251TX, CQ62-252TX, CQ62-254TU, CQ62-255TU, CQ62-257TX, CQ62-258TU, CQ62-259TU, CQ62-259TX, CQ62-260TU, CQ62-262TU, CQ62-262TX, CQ62-263TX, CQ62-264TX, CQ62-265TU, CQ62-268TX, CQ62-270TX, CQ62-271TX, CQ62-272TX, CQ62-273TX, CQ62-274TX, CQ62-277TX, CQ62-281TX, CQ62-282TX, CQ62-283TX, CQ62-302TU, CQ62-305AX, CQ62-306AX, CQ62-309AX, CQ62-310AU, CQ62-351TU, CQ62-355TU, CQ62-355TX, CQ62-357TX, CQ62-358TU, CQ62-360TX, CQ62-400AU, CQ62-400AX, CQ62-401AU, CQ62-402AX, CQ62-403AU, CQ62-404AU, CQ62-404AX, CQ62-405AU, CQ62-405AX, CQ62-406AX, CQ62-411NR, CQ62-412NR, CQ62-413NR, CQ62-417NR, CQ62-418NR, CQ62-421NR, CQ62-423NR, CQ62-450TX, CQ62-452TU, CQ62-453TU, CQ62-454TU, CQ62-455TU, CQ62-456TU, CQ62-A20SA, CQ62-a20SB, CQ62-A25SA, CQ62-a40SB, CQ62-A50SA, CQ62-A55SA
Device TypeNotebook battery
Manufacturer Warranty
Service & SupportLimited warranty - replacement - 1 year