Juniper Care Software Advantage technical support - 1 year - for Junos Space Network Director

Category: Maintenance or support fees
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Product Id: 27170466

Description: Juniper Care Software Advantage - Technical support - for Junos Space Network Director - 25 devices - phone consulting - 1 year - 24x7

Mfr Part #: SVC-SWA-JS-ND-25

MSRP: $275.00

Juniper Care Software Advantage is designed to integrate software updates and upgrades with comprehensive technical support to keep your critical software applications at optimal performance, and at the same time increase your operational efficiency by leveraging the industry-leading expertise. Juniper Care Software Advantage service covers Juniper software such as Junos Space applications, edge software, security, and wireless applications, to help extend and enhance the lifetime of your software products.
Key Points
  • Keeps your software up to date to ensure optimal performance
  • Simplifies your software administration process and reduces the planning time and expenses associated with asset management
  • Leverages industry-leading expertise and unique maintenance experience to optimize your business-critical applications