Seagate Video 2.5 HDD ST500VT000 - hard drive - 500 GB - SATA-300

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Product Id: 27170046

Description: Seagate Video 2.5 HDD ST500VT000 - Hard drive - 500 GB - internal - 2.5" SFF - SATA 6Gb/s - buffer: 16 MB

Mfr Part #: ST500VT000

Stream, record and playback your customer's favorite video content with the unparalleled reliability and performance of Seagate Video 2.5 HDD.
Key Points
  • Seagate expands video hard drive offerings to a 2.5" platform
  • Purpose-built 2.5" video drives designed specifically for STB and DVR manufacturers to support 24 x 7 applications
  • Choose the drive with optimized streaming, recording and playback of your favorite video content
  • Reliability and performance equal to Seagate Video 3.5 HDDs
  • Industry leading AFR of 0.55%
Product Features
  • Purpose-built video storage
    Designed specifically for video applications Video 2.5 HDDs are built to ensure your customers have the best video experience. From streaming to acoustics to reliability, Seagate Video 2.5 HDDs are fine tuned to thrive in video applications for both system integrators and end users.
  • 24 x 7 video HDD reliability
    Trusted by the world's leading set top box manufacturers, Seagate brings over ten years of experience, proven reliability and performance to the video storage world. Backed by 0.55% AFR, Video 2.5 HDDs offer industry leading reliability for 24 x 7, video applications.
  • Video HDD design flexibility
    Seagate Video 2.5 HDDs are offered in a 7 mm form factor allowing flexibility for design integration. A 7 mm Seagate Video HDD takes up 1/6 the space of the same 3.5" large video hard drive and consumes 55% less power. These design enhancements allow for low heat emission which enables solution engineers to consider options like fanless box designs.
  • Purpose-built video performance you can count on
    Streaming, recording and playing back your favorite content whenever you want, you can rely on Seagate Video 2.5 HDDs to keep your content safe until you need it.
  • Low power video HDD
    Demands for low energy consumption are raising the bar for set- top box and DVR manufacturers, and Seagate helps customers meet new Energy Star requirements. Cut your power consumption up to 55% by choosing Seagate Video 2.5 HDDs over competing 3.5-inch video offerings.