Black Box QuietCab rack - 12U

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Product Id: 27155604

Description: Black Box QuietCab - Rack - walnut - 12U - 19"

Mfr Part #: QC12UWA

MSRP: $2,881.50

No space or budget for a server room? A QuietCab is a cost-effective alternative. Put it where you need it, without worrying about noise or appearance.
Key Points
  • Quiet and secure, the QuietCab is perfect in an office environment
  • Acoustic foam lining reduces audible server and hardware noise by 15 dB to normal office background levels
  • An integrated ventilation fan provides up to 1.2 kW thermal capacity
  • Cabinets look like furniture
  • Ideal for environments where you need to store network equipment near workers
  • Lockable side panels and rear fan panels allow for easy equipment access
  • 19" M6 rails are adjustable
  • Generous cable management space is built in
  • Accommodates all leading servers, including blade servers
  • Lockable front doors keeps equipment safe and secure
  • Top of cabinet can be used as a work space
  • Fully assembled
Product Features
  • Peace and quiet
    Why noise control? Increased productivity. Increased profits. Research shows that prolonged exposure to noise creates stress and lowers morale. It can also lead to an increase in accidents and errors. A simple 5-dB reduction in noise can actually cut the risk of hearing loss in half. A quiet office is a productive office. The QuietCab reduces sound by an amazing 15 dB. It's quiet enough to put in an open office environment, even right beside a desk. The cabinet design ensures noise reduction without compromising cooling capacity. To reduce sound, the inside of the cabinet is heavily lined with acoustic material. This material covers all inside surfaces.
  • Very cool
    To cool equipment, the cabinet features a variable-speed fan on the rear doors. Cooling occurs as ambient air comes in the front of the cabinet, passes over the front of the equipment, and is exhausted out the rear. Heat is dispersed indiscernibly into an open office environment.
  • Very accommodating
    This 19" cabinet is extremely well-designed and built to serve you for years to come. It holds all leading servers, including blade servers. To accommodate different types of equipment, the 19" M6 mounting rails are adjustable. Load-bearing casters make it easy to move. Locking front and rear doors secure equipment. The cabinet is also designed with very generous cable management for both horizontal and patch cables.
  • A good office mate in open environments
    Why spend money on a data center when all you need is the QuietCab? It's a very economical and smart solution for environments where you need to locate equipment near workers, such as open offices, schools, medical offices, etc. And the attractive, furniture-like appearance of QuietCab means you can put it practically anywhere.