Bosch AutoDome 600 Series VG5-623-ECS - CCTV camera

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Product Id: 27142546

Description: Bosch AutoDome 600 Series VG5-623-ECS - CCTV camera - PTZ - outdoor - color ( Day&Night ) - 0.38 MP - auto and manual iris - vari-focal - 550 TVL - composite - AC 21 - 30 V

Mfr Part #: VG5-623-ECS

MSRP: $2,892.24

The AutoDome 600 series is an easy to install PTZ camera that delivers superb video in all indoor and outdoor applications. The camera features day/night functionality for high quality images in low light conditions. This discrete, high-speed dome camera ensures reliable, uncompromised functionality in diverse environments across various applications.
The AutoDome is an exceptional performer when shooting under a sodium vapor lamp. Images under these conditions may have a yellowish tint, which may make identification difficult. In the sodium vapor white balance mode, the AutoDome automatically compensates for the light from a sodium vapor lamp to restore objects to their original color.
The AutoDome 600 series offers variable pan and tilt speeds, and the AutoPivot feature ensures optimal camera control and viewing at all zoom levels. These high-performance zoom autofocus cameras incorporate the digital imaging technology with excellent sensitivity and resolution. With 99 user-defined presets as well as tour and AutoPan modes, The Auto-Dome 600 series is not small on features. The AutoDome 600 series adds real intelligence to your video surveillance applications.
Key Points
  • Progressive scan provides smooth and clear images when viewing details in a moving image
  • Sodium vapor white balance mode restores objects to their original color
  • AutoTrack II automated motion tracking
  • Advanced privacy masking
Product Features
  • High-performance PTZ day/night cameras
    Image control and quality are integral aspects of any PTZ dome camera, and the AutoDome delivers. The AutoDome 600 series camera has a 1/4-inch CCD sensor, with 4CIF/D1 resolution and sensitivity to below 1.0 lux, and all 600 series systems offer a full 12x digital zoom. The camera also incorporates technology that dramatically improves the dynamic range by 128 times. Also known as WDR (wide-dynamic range), it results in clear image reproduction in extreme high-contrast environments. The AutoScaling and AutoPivot features ensure optimal control. Day/night capabilities and outstanding sensitivity make AutoDome 600 series camera exceptional performers in all lighting conditions.
  • Accurate control and positioning
    With super-quick, 360-degree per-second pan and 100┬░ persecond tilt speeds; the AutoDome 600 series outperforms other domes in its class. The 600 series supports 99 pre-positions and two styles of guard tours: preset and record/playback. The preset tour has capability for up to 99 pre-positions with a configurable dwell time between pre-positions, and can be customized as to the order and frequency each preset is visited. The AutoDome 600 series also provides support for two recorded tours, which have a combined duration of 15 minutes of movements. These are recorded macros of an operator's movements, including pan, tilt, and zoom activities, and can be played back in a continuous manner.
  • AutoTrack II
    The AutoDome 600 series contains an advanced DSP that provides realtime video processing for incredibly smooth object tracking. AutoTrack II utilizes Bosch's unique "virtual masking" technology. These "invisible" masks are created to act just like privacy masks, except that only the AutoTrack can see them - and it knows to ignore any motion behind them. This enables the AutoTrack to ignore extraneous background motion, such as a tree blowing in the wind, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Video motion detection (VMD)
    With AutoDome, you can create a "region of interest" within a preset position where motion is to be detected. The AutoDome 600 series supports a total of 10 individual regions of interest. VMD also takes advantage of virtual masking to ignore areas of unwanted motion.
  • Image stabilization
    As PTZ cameras continue to improve their optical zoom capabilities, image stabilization becomes critical to eliminate movement caused by unstable camera mounts. A mere quarter-inch of movement of the camera mount can shift the field of view by more than 20 feet when the camera is zoomed to a high value. This can render images unusable. Image stabilization algorithms included with the Auto-Dome 600 series reduces camera shake in both the vertical and horizontal axis, resulting in exceptional image clarity. Bosch's unique image stabilization solution does not reduce camera sensitivity, unlike competitive systems.
  • Advanced alarm control
    The AutoDome 600 advanced alarm control uses sophisticated rules-based logic to determine how to manage alarms. In its most basic form, a "rule" could define which input(s) should activate which output. In a more complex form, inputs and outputs can be combined with pre-defined or user-specified keyboard commands to perform advanced dome functions.
  • Superior privacy masking
    The AutoDome 600 series allows for a total of 24 individual privacy masks, with up to eight displayed in the same scene. Unlike conventional privacy masks, these can each be programmed with three, four, or even five corners to cover more complex shapes. Each mask changes size and shape smoothly and quickly - ensuring that the covered object cannot be seen.